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In, ancient era, the Houses were built using great architecture as well as Vastu projections. This ancient and scientific method to design a home is still widely used today. Since all the 4 faced directions are considered equally auspicious, but still there are certain myths about the west-facing house in Vastu that are prevalent. To be aware of all the myths we are going to tell you some Vastu tips for a West-facing house in the article below.

After reading this article, we assure you that you will have all the factual and truth about a west-facing house. Our aim is to give you some Vastu tips for your house that is facing west and to free your mind from all the myths as well as worries.

Do you want to know how to design a west-facing house using all the Vastu principles? You can easily make your interior house auspicious by incorporating Vastu Shastra-based design principles. Here are some Vastu tips below for designing your west-facing home’s rooms as well as the main entrance.

In this article, we have discussed the direction and the best place for the Living room, Master bedroom, Kid’s bedroom, Kitchen area, Bathroom area, Plantation, Borewell, etc. So, read the article carefully, if you are a Vastu follower to not miss any crucial tips.

Living in a west-facing house?

If there is a question in your mind that do I live in a West facing house or not? Definitely, you have. So, to know whether you are living in a west-facing house or not? Let’s do a simple experiment and also to know what exactly a West Facing House is?

There is an easy way of getting out of its answer. Stand inside at one place in your house, facing towards the main entrance. If your face is in the west direction then easily you can say that your house is west-facing.

i.e. In Vastu, a house is considered west-facing if you exit the house to the west. In other words, if your main gate faces west, your house is considered to be west facing. Nowadays, we are living in a modern technical era so there are now apps available that can assist you in determining the corrective direction of the houses. You can also take help from those apps as well.

So, now you get the answer that whether your house is west facing or not? Now, if your house is west facing then let’s move further to know amazing Vastu tips for your west facing house.

When designing the house of your dreams, the orientation of the house is an important consideration. A west-facing house receives the sun’s rays in the late afternoon and evening. There are many factors to consider when living in a west-facing home, such as sunlight and heat, but there are also some good points to having this type of home.


The summer months can bring with them warmer temperatures, which can make it uncomfortable to spend time in a west-facing home. The late afternoon sun is much hotter than that at noon when it is directly overhead. Also, since the sun sets in the west, you may be greeted with a setting sun that shines directly into your eyes as you enter your home after work. This can be especially uncomfortable if you drive home from work and are faced with a blinding sunset on your way home. The sunlight and heat will also begin to fade away from your east-facing rooms by midafternoon, making it more comfortable for sleeping in these rooms until dusk.


Wintertime maybe a little more bearable living in a west-facing home because you will not have direct sunlight shining into your windows during the bright part of the day. You may want to consider installing skylights or windows.

West facing house Vastu benefits

There are numerous benefits of a house which is west facing. Here we are discussing some of the benefits of west-facing houses:

  1. A house with a west-facing orientation is considered to improve your social relationships with society.
  2. West-facing houses and apartments are highly regarded by business owners, politicians, as well as celebrities.
  3. It is considered that west-facing houses have the power to bring wealth to public figures and improve their social relationships.
  4. The main benefit of having a west-facing house is that you can enjoy the warmth as well as the glow of the pleasant evening sun rays until late hours. Apart from this,
  5. west-facing houses observe more positive energy vibes when compared to any other direction such as east, south, and north, making them more appealing to children and teenagers.

Lots of other benefits are there for a house facing west direction. So, be happy that you are living in a west-faced house.

Living room Vastu for west facing houses

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According to the Vastu shastra, in a west-facing house, the living room area should be facing east, or north direction, or north-east direction.

However a living room facing north-west will also be fine, always try to place your heavy furniture pieces in the west direction or in the south-west direction of the living room.

Kitchen Vastu for west facing houses

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Always keep in mind the direction of the kitchen in the house because it is the area of the fire element. The kitchen is regarded as a very personal as well as a crucial space in any home.

As per Vastu, it also has an impact on the health of the entire family, including the person who cooks or uses the kitchen the most. According to the rules of Vastu for the Kitchen area, a west-facing house should ideally be positioned in the southeast direction.

Don’t put your kitchen in the southwest corner of your house. It should be placed in the either southeast or northwest direction of the west-facing house. you should Make sure that the kitchen counter with the gas stove faces east because it is the best direction to cook.

If the area of this direction is occupied or unavailable for any reason, it is best to relocate it to the direction of northwest. For west-facing houses, it is strongly recommended to avoid anywhere else direction to make the kitchen.

Master bedroom Vastu for the west-facing houses

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The master bedroom belongs to the house’s owner. Because this room is important and has a direct impact on the owner, its location should never be undermined. The best direction for the master bedroom according to Vastu is the southwest corner for a west-facing house.

This direction is said to aid in improving understanding between collaborators who are sharing the room. If the house has multiple floors, the topmost floor is ideal for the master bedroom to manifest the good fortune and your ancestor’s blessings as well as to achieve a big success in your career.

Kids room Vastu for west facing houses

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The kid’s room, like the master bedroom, has a very special place in any house. For a house that is west-facing, the south or west, or north-west direction for kid’s room is recommended.

It will give a great impact on the growth and development of the children. Always keep their wardrobes to the south direction or west direction. Place the room’s door in the east direction or north direction.

Pooja room Vastu for the west-facing houses

The most divine and auspicious place in any house is the Pooja room. It keeps the home’s positive energy going and promotes peace as well as harmony among all the family members of the house.

The right place for the pooja room, according to Vastu, is in the northeast direction. If this direction is unavailable, the east direction or north direction are the next best options. When designing your pooja room, keep a few things in mind. Like, never place your pooja room beneath the staircase or next to the toilet/bathroom wall.

Bathroom for the west-facing houses

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The attached bathrooms with the bedroom are not ideal in Vastu, but due to a lack of space and resources, Vastu gurus recommend a few opinions for this placement as well.

Bathrooms can be built in the corners of the northwest, or north-east, or south-east of a west-facing house. It is essential to know that the direction only indicates parts, not of the corners.

So, it is strongly advised to avoid making bathrooms at the intersections of such directions. Bathrooms placed in the wrong place, according to Vastu, cause a lot of trouble in people’s lives and also can lead to non-coping issues of family’s health.

Vastu for borewell in West facing houses

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While designing a west-facing house, Vastu experts give the advice to keep the borewell position in mind. Borewells in a west-facing home should be drilled in the northeast, or east, or north direction.

Staircase Vastu for west facing house

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According to Vastu, making a staircase is an essential part of the basic design layout for west-facing houses. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular stair hinges in Vastu:

1) An internal stairwell Vastu for a house with a west-facing orientation- An internal staircase adds a distinctive appearance to the house; however, it must be used with caution in your space.

According to Vastu, the internal staircase should run east to west, if not then north to south direction always. Any other course of action may have a negative impact on the health of family members and would impact badly.

2) Staircase on the outside for a house with west-facing- The Vastu for an external staircase is also important in our living space.

An external staircase placed directly in front of the main entrance may cause unbalance. For a west-facing house, the external staircase should be facing southwest.

Vastu plants for west facing houses

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People usually decorate their houses with designer items, and living plants are the best choice. Vastu does have a unique way of promoting it. According to Vastu, each plant has its own exceptional value to not only the owner’s house but also its members.

Urn plant, Dumb cane, Norfolk Island Pine, zebra plant, Ti plant, Jade plant, Lady’s slipper orchids, Parlour palm, Corn are regarded as the best Vastu plants for a house facing west direction.

West facing house color as per Vastu

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A number of people paint their homes according to their preferences, but did you know that the colors of your home’s walls have an impact on your success as well as family harmony? Yes, it is true.

Different colors are assigned to different facing houses in Vastu. Blue and White are both the colors that are best for a west-facing house to deflect negativity and maintain family peace.

West facing house disadvantages

Although it has already been mentioned that every direction is regarded as auspicious as per the Vastu shastra, other houses require more balance as well as adjustment of setups to achieve a proper Vastu house projection than East-facing houses.

Houses west-facing are usually warmer than others because they receive a lot of sunlight during the daytime.

Such houses are typically warm and they need a lot of energy to maintain coolness in the summer.

Aside from that, a few things should be kept in mind, such as the bathroom area, kitchen area, bedroom area, master bedroom area, kid’s room area, pooja room area, and so on. The directions of such areas should be aligned the way. By keeping all these things in mind, you can design your dream house as per the perfect Vastu projections for a west-facing house.


In ourIndian culture, a houseis considered not less thana temple. A house is more than just a collection of bricks and concrete; it’s a symbol of a family’s success, joy,love, and happiness as well. A family not only lives in their house butthey create memories, thrive in the present, and shape the future for future generations.

So, if you apply Vastu tips while designing your interior and exterior then the benefits will be doubled. And if we talk especially about a west-facing house then it will definitely benefit the house owner if Vastu tips are applied by the house owner because West-facing houses can also be auspicious.

In fact, with a few changes, they are thought to bring financial gains to the house’ owner. Leave your concerns about a west-facing house. you can implement these Vastu changes to modify your west-facing house into one that is filled with positivity all around.

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