Town of Union Bridge (2023)



Town Councilman Donald Wilson is in-charge of the town's streets.

  • Street Sweeping and Maintenance: Street sweeping is done each week. Donaldasks that you please obey "no parking" meter bags and signs on designated days.
  • Sidewalks: Owners within the corporate limits must keep sidewalk and curb in good and substantial repair! Owners and occupants of premises must also remove snow and ice within twenty-four (24) hours after any snow or ice ceases to fall

Sanitationand StreetLights

Town Councilwoman Cheri Thompsonis in-charge of sanitationand the town's street lights.

  • Refuse and Recycling:

Collection day for trash and recyclables isevery Wednesday.

Collection company:Hughes Trash Removal(410-848-4747)

Recycling:Want to know about how to recycle in Carroll County? Visit theCarroll County Government Recyclingwebsite for information on why we recycle, how to recycle and what you can do to help protect our environment.

Mattress Recycling:Ever needed to get rid of a mattress and didn't know what to do with it? VisitTuck.comto find alternative methods of disposal/recycling your old mattress.

Leaf Removal:Fall Months (October - November)

Pick up is free to in-town residents. Schedule and starting dates are announced each fall in the paper.

Leaves must be bagged (any trash bag can be used).

Yard Waste:Summer Months (June - September)

Pick up free of charge for in-town residents. Special yard waste bags can be purchased at the Town Hall for $1.25 each. Only yard waste in yard waste bags will be picked up.

Street Lights:

  • Street lights provide safe illumination for the use ofpedestrians on sidewalks and street crossings; can promote security in urban areas; andto increase the quality of life by artificially extending the hours in which it is light so that activity can takeplace. Street lighting also improves safety for drivers, riders and pedestrians.If you notice any street lights out; or in need of repair, contact Cheri at 443-340-6305

Water and Sewer

Town Councilwoman Amy Kalin is in-charge of the town's water and sewer systems.

  • Bills are sent out quarterly
    • 1st quarter - Payment due by May 15
    • 2nd quarter - Payment due by August 15
    • 3rd quarter - Payment due by November 15
    • 4th quarter - Payment due by February 15
  • Fees (effective July 1, 2017)
  • When a property is going to settlement, the settlement company needs to complete a "Request For Final Water andSewer Reading Information" form for the seller and to request a new account for the buyer. They also need to complete a "Lien Release For Municipalities for Property Transfer". Go to the "APPLICATIONS/FORMS" page of this website for each of theforms.
  1. Water Service:
  • Quarterly Minimum Charge (per user) $40.00
  • Charge per 1,000 gallons of water consumed in addition to quarterly minimum charge of $6.20

B. Sewer Service:

  • Quarterly Minimum Charge (per user) $45.00
  • Charge per 1,000 gallons of water consumed in addition to quarterly minimum charge of $4.50
  • Water Shut-offs:

If you need your water shut off, you must notify the town. You cannot turn off water yourself.

If shut-off is due to non-payment of the bill,a five-day notice must be given BEFORE CUT-OFF. A $30 MINIMUM or ACTUAL COST'Restoration Fee'is required. There is also a 10% late fee charge. You will still be billed for the quarterly minimum water and sewer charge and the "Bay Fee", while your water is shut-off.

  • Water leaks and/or clogged sewer lines - Contact Amy at (410) 775-0687
  • Annual Water Quality Reports - Click on the year to view the report (all files are pdf or html)

2020;2019;2018;2017;2016; 2015; 2014; 2013; 2012; 2011; 2010; 2009; 2008; 2007; 2006; 2005; 2004; 2003; 2002; 2001; 2000

You can also access the townscurrent and past water quality reports by going to:

  • Union Bridge Sewage Treatment Plant, 115 W. Locust Street, Union Bridge, Maryland 21791

Want to pay your water and sewer bill online?

Well now you can!

Just click on the button below for access toonline bill payments.

This service is provided by Diversified Technology Corp. A safe and secure way to pay your water and sewer bill online.

Water/Sewer Bill payment instructions

Click on the button above. This will open a new page to the online billing site. Follow the instructions to register (first time users). Further instructions on how to use the site are provided on the billing page.

Town of Union Bridge (1)

Town of Union Bridge (2)

Town of Union Bridge (3)

Top: Water tower at Community Center.

Middle: Well/WaterBuildingat Town Office.

Bottom: Sewer Treatment Plant on Locust St.

Police/Parking Enforcement, Mowing,

Christmas Lights and Banners

Town Councilwoman Laura Conawayis in-charge of Police/Parking Enforcement, Mowing, Christmas LightsandBanners.


The law enforcement for the Town of Union Bridge is provided by the Carroll County Sheriff's Office (CCSO).Crimes or emergency police assistance should be reported by dialing 911.If it is not an emergency and you desire to talk to the police, call:410-386-2900 or 1-888-302-8924

The CCSO is located at:100 North Court Street; Westminster, Maryland 21157

Parking Meters:

Hours:Monday - Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

There are $5.00 & $25.00 fines for parking violations. If not paid in 30 days, the fine will be an amount equal to the sum of the original fine plus $10.00. Delinquent fines are sent to the MVA for flagging and the fine will have to be paid before tags are issued or renewed.


The mowing of town property is completed by a contracted service and part-time town employees.

Christmas Lights and Banners:

Annually, around the Christmas holiday season, ornamental lights are hung along Main Street to show holiday spirit. These lights are typically hung and lit just after Thanksgiving and are removed during the month of January.

Banners refer to the "Honor Banners" for those who have served in our country's military. These banners are hung in the month of May (before Memorial Day) and remain posted until early November (after Veteran's Day). On the "Home" page of this website, a map has been provided to show the names and locations of the banners. Between November and May, some of the banner locations will have our town's "Welcome to Historic Union Bridge" banners posted.

Community Center

Town Councilman Edgar Wentz is in-charge of the town's community center.

Town of Union Bridge (4)

Located on the east end of town at4770 Ladiesburg Road, the community center provides a great indoor facility for families, organizations and other groups. The climate controlled building has a large hall, kitchen and bathrooms that can be used year-round for a variety of family gatherings, meeting and other group activities. You can also "takea step out the door" to enjoy ourlarge yard areas in front of and behind the building too. These areas are great for yard games or just hanging out with family and friends. Adjacent to the facility is a playground and park too!

A 'Certificate of Liability Insurance'; with the certificate holder listed as "Town of Union Bridge", is required to rent the Community Center building. Contact Town Clerk Dawn Metcalf at the Town Office for scheduling and rentals.

Rental Prices:

In-Town Resident Out-of-Town Resident

Hall ............................................. $150 $250

Kitchen (add option)................... $50 $50

Custodial Service (add option)... $75 $75

Security Deposit (refundable).... $100 $100

Town of Union Bridge (5)


Union Bridge has two parks. Both provide a variety of activities for every age group. Both parks are free for anyone to enjoy.

Our two parks are: "Community Park" located on Ladiesburg Road and

"Little Pipe Creek Park" located on Main Street.

Community Parkis located next to our CommunityCenter at the east end of town. This park providesareas for picnics, a playground for the kids, two ball fields, a batting cage, tennis courts,a basketball court, a walking/running path and even simple exercise machines (along walking path).

Little Pipe Creek Park consists of multipletrailswhere visitors can walk, run or even bike along the slow moving Little Pipe Creek. The mainpaths are hard blacktop surfaced. But we also have grass trails that either keep you closer to the waters edge or one that takes you in between a wooded area and open grass field near the railroad tracks on the south side of the park (the best chance to see deer here). The grass trails are great for your pets paws when the sun makes the blacktop trails very hot, which can actually burn the pads of their feet.

Nature is by you the entire time. Many different species of birds and butterflies can be seen. You may even spot a deer or two.

Several benches,a bench swing and a couple of picnic tables are located along the paved path next to the waters edge where you can rest,relax and maybe even have a family picnic. A walking bridge spans over the creek where you can stand over the clear waters or even go fishing for trout, carp, sunfish or catfish anywhere along the creeks edge.

There are two entrances to thepark, one next to the car wash on Main Street and one located along Route 75. Trash cans are located at both entrances, the "beach"picnic area and at the "walking bridge"picnic area. At the Main Street entrance,pet owners can grab free"Doggy Doo" bags.

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Storm Water / Water Protection Information

Carroll County provides these services for the Town of Union Bridge. For more information, click on the links provided below. Both have been updated as of 9/28/20 on this website.

- Protecting Carroll County Waters public education information, opportunities for public participation and input, and provide methods of illicit discharge detection and elimination related to Carroll County NPDES MS4 Stormwater Pollution permits.

- Stormwater Pollution Hotline for Carroll County from the Environmental Protection Agency

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