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The greatest carpet designers and recognizing them is one of the topics that carpet and weavers should be familiar with. It is a bit unfair to introduce someone more famous and bigger than another person among the greats in this field, and in fact, the impact that these great designers have had on the carpet weaving art of this country is much greater than the competition and ranking.

In this article, we intend to introduce the greatest carpet designers from ancient times to the present, after a brief explanation about the design and recognition of this art, and we will explain them to you based on the year of birth. .

The greatest carpet designers and their recognition

When it comes to carpet design, subconsciously the name of art and elegance also appears in it. Before art wanted to grow and expand in many industries, in the carpet weaving industry, the use of extraordinary and unique designs in various geometric shapes, taken from nature, etc., was common.

To see this claim, it is enough that after centuries of these designs, we see that the works created by these greats are kept in the top carpet museums in the world, and many great designers are still looking for inspiration to see this. The created works refer.

But the art of carpet design and its history dates back to more than 450 years ago and the city of Kerman, and it is because of this antiquity that many of the greatest carpet designers go back to ancient times.

It is interesting to know that from the very beginning, carpet designers were of great value and importance in Iran, and among the people, these people were known as great artists. In the following, you will get acquainted with some of the greatest carpet designers.

1. Professor Hossein Taherzadeh Behzad

One of the greatest carpet designers is Master Taherzadeh Behzad, who was born in 1266 AH. At first, he traveled to Istanbul after receiving basic training from Master Mirghafar and was able to benefit from Italian and Ottoman masters in the field. Painting was so advanced that he graduated with a first place in the field.

After returning to Iran, he worked as the director of drawing at the Carpet Institute, and after several years, he resigned due to illness and traveled to Istanbul, where he was hired as a professor at the Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts. He died in 1333 due to heart disease and prostate inflammation.

2. Mir Mosour (one of the greatest carpet designers in Tabriz)

Master Mir Mosour can be introduced as one of the greatest miniaturists of Iran in the past who lived in the city of Tabriz. He was born in 1270 AH and was able to achieve very high skills in the field of miniatures, and together with Master Rassam Arjangi in the city of Tabriz, they were able to create extraordinary designs.

Of course, it should be mentioned that the city of Tabriz has been considered as one of the birthplaces of the production of exquisite carpets since ancient times, and the creation of these valuable works and extraordinary designs have helped the Iranian carpet to become very famous.

3. Master Eskandani

This great master, like Mir Mosour, is one of the greatest carpet designers in the city of Tabriz, who was born in 1280 and initially worked in the field of black pen painting, face painting and natural painting, until after a while he designed. Carpet design and gilding became interested.

He traveled to Isfahan in 1312 to become a student of Master Hossein Taherzadeh Behzad and was able to present valuable designs to the carpet weaving industry in Iran.

4. Ali Ashraf Kashani

As can be guessed from the name of Master Ali Ashraf Kashani, he was born in Kashan in 1280 and from the very beginning and at a young age (14 years old) he was able to get acquainted with the carpet and its map designs.

After several years and his name became known among carpet lovers, Lesan Al-Sepehr, who was the governor of Qazvin at the time, invited him to go to Qazvin to raise the level of carpet designs and designs.

He is one of the largest carpet designers in Iran, who has nearly 20 extraordinary designs of his own, which were used to map the carpets of palaces.

5. Master Isa Bahadori

Certainly, among the greatest carpet designers of Isfahan, the name of Isa Bahadori can be introduced as one of the leaders in this field.

He was born in Barcheloi, Arak in 1284, and after completing his primary education, he went to Isfahan and completed his education at Kamal-ol-Molk School. Create in handmade carpet designs.

Among the important works of Isa Bahadori, we can mention the design of works such as “Humanity Carpet”, “Wheel Hunting”, “Sea”, “Chicken and Rooster Rug”.

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6. Master Ahmad Ebad

We will go back to Tabriz and the great designers of this city, Master Ahmad Abed, who was born in this city in 1287, and by going to Master Mir Mosour, he was able to quickly progress through the design of handmade carpet designs, and then He continued to work exclusively on carpets and in this field.

He is one of the first people who started working in the field of carpet weaving and during his 80 years of life he was able to do many great carpet weaving designs, examples of his work can be seen in Saadabad Palace.

7. Master Abdullah Bagheri (one of the most prolific carpet designers)

Master Bagheri, who was born in Tehran in 1292, can be considered among the greatest carpet designers as one of the active options, which has more than 20,000 works, most of which are gilded.

It is interesting to note about Master Bagheri that more than 2,000 of his designs in the field of handmade carpets were transferred to Turkey by Master Taherzadeh Behzad, and today we see that many of his works are kept in museums in this country.

8. Master Rassam Arabzadeh

The next face of the greatest carpet designers is one of the celebrities of Tabriz, who was born in 1293. Rassam Arabzadeh was born into an artist family and his father is Hossein Zaidi Latifi, an artist father with the title of “Sayyid Arab” and one of Kamal al-Mulk’s students.

Thanks to their father, Master Arabzadeh became acquainted with design and color from the very beginning, and over time he was able to become one of the greats of Iranian carpet design, and today many of his works are kept in a museum in their own name.

9. Professor Mohammad Afsari

We will go to the city of Kashan and introduce another of the greatest carpet designers, a person who was born in 1301 in the Sarpoleh neighborhood of Kashan.

Master Mohammad Afsari, who is one of the students of Master Musour Al-Maleki, is one of the greats of designing maps and carpets, in some of his works, 840 colors have been used.

His main focus in designing the daily landscapes of Eastern life is Iranian and traditional themes, the most important of which are works such as “Wandering Jews” and “Baghdadi fortune teller”.

10. Master Mahmoud Farshchian (one of the most famous carpet designers in Iran)

Among the great masters we have met so far, perhaps Mahmoud Farshchian can be considered the most famous Iranian carpet designer who has been able to play a significant role in the process of painting and traditional designs in Iran.

He was born in Isfahan in 1308 and his paintings have been displayed in many cities around the world such as Chicago, Paris, New York, etc.

His paintings and drawings have been very popular in recent years for the weaving of Iranian carpets. Cited.

In this article from Farahan Carpet, we tried to introduce to you among the greatest carpet designers the most well-known people that every carpet designer needs to be familiar with; Although many great masters such as; Professors Ahmad Archang, Seyyed Abolhassan Mousavi Sirat, Mohammad Hosseini Khayabani, Mohammad Hossein Karagchi, Mohammad Rasouli, Rashid Farokhi, Mohammad Arjomand Kermani and Ali Sahib Al-Zamani, Abbas Ali Alabaf, Mohammad Hossein Fakhr Al-Waezin Mahdavi, Majid Haji, Jafar Pakdasht. .. There were also those we could not talk to you about their biographies.

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