The 12 Best Tote Bags For Everyday Carry (2023)

Though your average backpack is plenty capable of taking on most EDC uses, certain carry and storage solutions do a markedly better job of lending themselves to specific applications, and when it comes to carrying shopping, nothing beats a quality tote bag. Whether browsing your local bodega or a flea or farmer’s market, modern totes not only provide ample storage space but also make it incredibly easy to add or remove items from the bag while shopping. And while traditionally, most tote bags followed the same basic design and blueprint, more recent years have given way to a host of evolved takes on the segment, with today’s brands equipping these minimalistic bags with a variety of clever features and amenities. With so many legitimately stellar options on the market, however, it can be difficult even knowing where to start one’s search, so with this in mind we’ve thoroughly scoured the sector to deliver this handpicked guide to the best men’s tote bags for everyday carry.

Ideal Qualities For Carrying Shopping Storage Solutions

The 10 Most Important Areas To Consider When Buying A New Tote Bag

A decade ago, practically every tote on the market was extremely similar, all sporting the same minimalistic design and only really varying in dimensions and construction. This reality has drastically changed in recent times as more and more of today’s most reputable carry solution companies have begun delivering their own elevated takes on the classic tote, with each boasting its own unique design elements and features. As such, shopping for a modern tote requires having an at least a tenuous grasp on the product space’s finer points — ten of the most important of which we’ll be breaking down directly below.

Dimensions & Volume: One of the first areas to take into account when shopping for a modern tote is its size. This includes both the physical dimensions of the bag and the total amount of storage space (i.e. volume) offered —as well as if the tote’s volume is expandable. Typically advertised in liters, most modern totes offer anywhere from 15 to 30 liters, though there are some exceptions that are slightly smaller or larger.

Primary Construction: Just like with any regular duffel bag or backpack, an enormous part of what determines a tote bag’s overall quality and durability is the material used to craft its shell (i.e. its primary construction). Often fortified via DWR and/or polyurethane coatings, some of the most common constructions used for tote shells include high-denier nylons and polys, as well as ultra-hardwearing proprietary materials like CORDURA or Dimension-Polyant X-Pac sailcloth.

Secondary Materials: Though not as important as a tote’s shell material, secondary constructions can still play a major role in determining a model’s quality and durability. In addition to the liner material used, it’s also worth exploring other secondary materials such as the construction used to make a tote bag’s carrying handles, trim, or external webbing. Quite a few totes on the market also feature double-walled/lined or otherwise reinforced bottoms. What’s more, several of the bags on the market are also offered in more than one size.

Construction Technique(s): Alongside the material used to make a tote’s shell, it’s also crucial to explore how that material has been pieced together (i.e. the construction techniques used). This can include everything from regular stitching to reinforced threading setups to advanced laser welding.

Hardware: Another factor that separates modern totes from their older predecessors is the later models’ addition of external hardware. This can include everything from zipper tracks to buckles.

Closure: Traditionally, totes have largely been comprised of square or rectangular bags with a set of carry handles and an open top. More recently, however, many of today’s most lauded bag makers have started bestowing totes with zipper-secured main closures in order to better protect the bag’s contents. Some modern tote bags also employ roll-top closures for even more robust protection from the elements.

Weather Resistance: A tote bag’s ability to withstand the elements will primarily boil down to its shell construction, closure type, and hardware. This can be a crucial area to consider, especially if you happen to reside in the Pacific Northwest or any other region that’s prone to receiving ample rain and/or snowfall.

Supplementary Pockets & Features: Another significant way in which tote bags have evolved over the last few years is through the addition of numerous supplementary features that are designed to increase versatility and utility. Often borrowing features and design elements from everyday carry and travel backpacks, this can include everything from quick-access compartments to padded laptop and device sleeves to stealth pockets to pop-up pockets for housing water bottles or umbrellas.

Manufacturer: One way to ensure that you’re getting your hands on a high-quality tote is to purchase from a proven brand with a reputation and track record for producing high-end, well-designed, and well-crafted carry solutions. Taking this route does often cost a bit more, but it’s a pretty surefire way of ensuring that you’re making a quality purchase.

Color & Style: Though tote bags are engineered with a focus on function over form, they can nonetheless vary pretty significantly in terms of style and aesthetics, with some brands taking a more minimalistic approach while others employ markedly more involved configurations. What’s more, quite a few of the tote bags currently on the market are offered in a myriad of different color options.

A Masterclass In Minimalism

The Best Men's Tote Bags For Everyday Carry

The 12 Best Tote Bags For Everyday Carry (1)

RAINS Waterproof Classic Tote Bag

Boasting an incredibly minimalistic design complemented via a completely blacked-out, monochrome color scheme, the RAINS Waterproof Classic Tote Bag features a polyurethane-coated polyester fabric construction with a matte finish. Completely impervious to the elements, this fully-lined tote has been outfitted with a coated waterproof zipper, as well as a detachable crossbody webbing strap and a pair of outer webbing straps. Tipping the scales at less than one pound, this tote can withstand water column pressure of up to 4,000mm. Protected by a multi-year warranty, RAINS’ Waterproof Classic Tote Bag also features a main compartment that offers 24 liters of internal real estate plus sports an internal zipper-secured pocket.

Primary Construction: PU-Coated Polyester
Volume: 24 Liters

The 12 Best Tote Bags For Everyday Carry (2)

Aer Go Tote 2

Cut from bluesign-approved lightweight 210-denier CORDURA crinkle nylon, the Aer Go Tote 2 is a second-generation tote bag that’s absolutely brimming with features and amenities. On top of a main compartment with over 17 liters of storage space, the Go Tote 2 also boasts a laptop pocket that can accommodate notebooks of up to 16”, a quick-access back pocket, an external water bottle pocket, and an easy-access front pocket that’s held down via magnetic fastener. Other noteworthy details include YKK zippers with Hypalon pulls, Duraflex hardware, and a soft woven liner. The fact this tote is designed to pack and lay flat — coupled with its luggage handle pass-through — also makes it a stellar choice for travel use.

Primary Construction: 210D CORDURA Crinkle Nylon
Volume: 17.5 Liters

The 12 Best Tote Bags For Everyday Carry (3)

Bellroy Tokyo Tote Compact

Despite closely resembling a traditional tote, the Bellroy Tokyo Tote Compact conceals a wealth of modern features and elements that collectively earn it a spot on this list. Outfitted with a wide-mouth opening that’s secured via a full-width zipper, the Tokyo Tote Compact sports redesigned pop pockets for stashing water bottles, umbrellas, or shoes, a quick-access zipper-secured front pocket, a built-in key clip with a ribbon loop, soft padded webbing traps with a non-slip backing, and an internal 13” laptop sleeve that’s cleverly been positioned outside of the tote’s “crush zone.” Backed by a three-year warranty, the entire bag is also crafted from Fine Weave — a proprietary, eco-friendly, water-resistant, woven fabric construction that’s derived from recycled bottles.

Primary Construction: Fine Weave
Volume: 12 Liters

The 12 Best Tote Bags For Everyday Carry (4)

Peak Design Everyday Tote

A 15-liter vessel engineered from the ground up specifically for EDC use, the Peak Design Everyday Tote is one of the most feature-laden models currently on the market. Crafted around a weatherproof, DWR-impregnated and double PU-coated, recycled 400-denier nylon canvas shell, the Everyday Tote packs a padded 13” laptop sleeve plus a supplementary dedicated compartment for housing a tablet or vital documents that’s separated via a magnetic seal. Peak Design has also bestowed this tote with a quick access closure with a magnetic clasp, a weatherproof main top zipper, removable padded shoulder straps that can convert to a crossbody sling, a stretchy internal pocket for sunglasses, smartphones, and other sensitive items, UltraZip zippers crafted with abrasion-resistant threading, hand carry straps that can double as a luggage handle pass-through, and FlexFold dividers that allow the tote’s main compartment to be custom-configured to the user’s exact needs.

Primary Construction: DWR & Double PU-Coated Recycled 400D Nylon Canvas
Volume: 15 Liters

The 12 Best Tote Bags For Everyday Carry (5)

Mission Workshop Drift Tote VX

Developed from the ground up to be as versatile as possible — all without sacrificing on durability or utility — the Mission Workshop Drift Tote VX is a premium bag that’s crafted in America in small batches to ensure exacting craftsmanship and quality control standards. Loaded with features that are typically reserved for EDC and work backpacks, the Drift Tote VX is made from ultra-rugged X-Pac VX21 sailcloth and boasts a dedicated 16” laptop pocket (that can be accessed from the exterior of the bag), a zipper-secured tricot-lined smartphone pocket, a flat interior pocket for documents and magazines, and a second device sleeve for housing tablets and e-readers. One of the larger totes on this list with 28 liters of storage volume, this Mission Workshop bag also comes with a luggage handle pass-through and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Primary Construction: X-Pac VX21 Sailcloth
Volume: 28 Liters

Stellar Supplementary Selections

Seven More Terrific EDC Tote Bags To Consider

While they didn’t quite have what it took to make the cut for our list of the absolute best EDC totes, there is nonetheless a handful of additional bags that are well worth considering if you’re shopping for a tote. Below, we’ll explore our picks for seven more terrific tote options.

The 12 Best Tote Bags For Everyday Carry (6)

Deus Ex Machina Hinterlands Tote

Designed and field-tested at the custom motorcycle and lifestyle brand’s House Of Simple Pleasures store in, Camperdown, Sydney, the Deus Hinterlands Tote is a more traditional interpretation of a tote bag that still boasts a zippered main compartment and robust weatherproofing. Decorated via a custom “DEUS Adventure Gear” logo patch, the tote also features an external back mesh pocket that runs the entire width of the bag and massively bolsters its storage and carrying potential.

Primary Construction: Heavy-Duty Nylon
Volume: N/A

The 12 Best Tote Bags For Everyday Carry (7)

Arc’teryx Heliad 12 Tote

Sold in five color options, the Arc’teryx Heliad 12 Tote is a compact yet utilitarian bag with an adjustable sling-style crossbody breathable mesh carrying strap. Weighing only 6.3oz (0.39lbs), the Heliad 12 Tote features a DWR-coated 100-denier ripstop shell and a main zipper-secured compartment that’s supplemented via another quick-access zippered pocket on the bag’s face.

Primary Construction: DWR-Coated 100D Ripstop
Volume: 12 Liters

The 12 Best Tote Bags For Everyday Carry (8)

Prometheus Design Werx CaB-2 Tote

Made in California, the Prometheus Design Werx CaB-2 Tote sees the San Francisco company put its signature rugged, military-inspired spin on the product space. This 30-liter bag is crafted around an ultra-hardwearing ballistic-grade 1,000-denier CORDURA shell with nylon edge binding, an external water bottle pocket, MIL-SPEC nylon webbing short and long carry straps, and a 4″ x 4″ loop panel for morale patches. Inside, the tote sports a dedicated tablet pocket, a magazine pocket, and a side organizer compartment with a trio of dividers.

Primary Construction: 1,000D CORDURA Nylon
Volume: 30 Liters+

The 12 Best Tote Bags For Everyday Carry (9)

Patagonia Black Hole Tote 25L

Made with sustainability in mind, the Patagonia Black Hole Tote 25L is constructed around a weather-resistant 8.7oz, 300-denier TPU-film-laminated polyester ripstop shell that’s been derived entirely from post-consumer products — before being paired with recycled nylon webbing. Fair Trade Certified-sewn, this packable tote also sports comfort grab handles and a zipper-secured interior pocket.

Primary Construction: Recycled TPU-Coated 300D Polyester Ripstop
Volume: 25 Liters

The 12 Best Tote Bags For Everyday Carry (10)

Hyperlite Mountain Gear G.O.A.T. Tote

Sporting a freestanding design that provides a light structure while still being able to fold and pack completely flat, the Hyperlite Mountain Gear G.O.A.T. Tote is unequivocally one of the most rugged totes on the market, with this 31-liter vessel having been crafted from an insanely-durable and completely waterproof 150-denier Dyneema Composite Hybrid fabric. The outside of this tote also features webbing handles with anchored loops for attaching additional gear while the inside of the bag has been bestowed with an internal zippered pocket.

Primary Construction: 150D Dyneema Composite Hybrid
Volume: 31 Liters

The 12 Best Tote Bags For Everyday Carry (11)

Filson Rugged Twill Tote Bag

Made in America, the Filson Rugged Twill Tote Bag is one of the most premium and meticulously-designed totes on the market. Alongside a durable water-resistant Rugged Twill primary construction, a double-layered reinforced bottom, and open-stow pockets at all four sides, this bag also features vegetable-tanned bridle leather handles that are long enough to allow for shoulder carrying, plus custom sand-cast solid brass hardware, and Tin Cloth binding on the tote’s interior seams.

Primary Construction: Cotton Rugged Twill
Volume: 20 Liters

The 12 Best Tote Bags For Everyday Carry (12)


Another unquestionably top-shelf pick, the KILLSPENCER Mega Tote 2.0 is made by hand in Los Angeles and features a structured premium bull hide leather shell that’s mated to double-sided front-facing 0.75″ leather handles that slowly mold to the contours of its wearer’s shoulder over time with regular use. Available with an optional three-letter monogram, this KILLSPENCER tote is also sold in four different color options.

Primary Construction: Bull Hide Leather
Volume: 28 Liters

The Best Packable Backpacks for Travel

Interested in checking out another selection of highly utilitarian and versatile carry solutions? Then be sure to head over to our guide to the best packable backpacks for another curated selection of compact bags that open up to provide ample storage.

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