Tex-Mex Restaurant Downtown San Antonio, TX (2022)

In 1941, Pedro and Cruz Cortez opened a little three-table cafe for early-rising farmers and workers at San Antonio’s Mercado. Sixty years later Mi Tierra Cafe is a world-famous landmark - the place hometown regulars and hungry tourists go for authentic Mexican food and a warm Texas welcome.Our Tex-Mex restaurant is a signature of downtown San Antonio, TX.

Pedro’s and Cruz’s children and grandchildren continue the family tradition of good Tex-Mex food and big-hearted hospitality at Mi Tierra, which now seats over 500 and is still located in Market Square, El Mercado.

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Tex-Mex is an ever-evolving cuisine with its roots in Texas' "Tejano" culture. Tex-Mex food characteristically includes plenty of beef andcheese with cumin andchili powder for seasoning. Our menu features Tex-Mex classics like chili con carne, nachos, queso, refried beans,breakfast tacos,enchiladas,fajitas,tamales, chalupas, and more. Visit us for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or just to have a drink at the bar. Trace the colorful history of our Tex-Mex restaurant using the timeline below!


Pedro Cortez purchases La Jamaica No. 5, a three-table café in the heart of El Mercado for $150.


Pedro installs an air conditioning system in the café and advertises it on all his windows.


Pedro purchases the Toyo Café and renames it Mi Tierra Café.


Pedro buys the property next to Mi Tierra and adds a bakery.


Pedro and Cruz buy the entire block of El Mercado.

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The Federal Urban Renewal Agency comes sweeping through the west end of downtown.


Pedro becomes a strong activist for Market Square and the community.


Pedro closes Jamaica No. 5 and works hard on reviving and repositioning Mi Tierra to maximize its full potential.


Market Square undergoes a major multi-million-dollar renovation.


Pedro is recognized by the National Economic Development Association for the instrumental role he played in the revitalization of Market Square.


The Cortez Family opens La Margarita Restaurant and Oyster Bar, offering “Sizzling Fajitas” and seafood.

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The family is deeply saddened by Pedro’s untimely death.


Mi Tierra Café y Panadería’ s newest addition, the Mariachi Bar, opens in the space next to Mi Tierra.


The Cortez Family hires artist Jesus Garza to create an indoor floor to ceiling fresco on the walls of Mi Tierra that commemorates Mexican culture and history.


La Carreta is remodeled and rebranded to Restaurante Pico de Gallo.


Mi Tierra proudly completes a $750,000 renovation on its kitchen without closing the restaurant for even an hour.


Pedro Cortez is inducted into the San Antonio Business Hall of Fame.


The Senate of the State of Texas recognizes Pedro and Cruz Cortez as exemplary citizens of their city and the state of Texas.

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Pedro and Cruz receive the Henry Guerra Lifetime Achievement Award from the San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists (SAAHJ).


Pedro is posthumously honored as the recipient of the National Conference for Community and Justice Humanitarian Award.


The Ecumenical Center for Education Counseling Health honors La Familia Cortez with the San Antonio Ethics in Business Award.


The Cortez Family is honored by the Mexican American Unity Council, Inc. with the Lifetime Achievement Award.


La Familia Cortez is honored at the 9th Annual American Sunrise Gala.


La Familia Cortez opens its latest concept, Viva Villa Taquería, under the management of Chef Cariño Cortez, Pedro’s granddaughter.


La Familia Cortez receives the Exitos en Nuestro Barrio Business Award from The Westside Development Corporation.

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La Familia Cortez marks its 75th Anniversary.

The Mural

The Mural was created by Jorge Cortez to honor the founders of Mi Tierra, Pedro and Cruz Cortez. This mural serves as a testament to the success achieved by Don Pedro Cortez through hard work and determination, the “American Dream”, and thus the name of our Mural.

Throughout the years The Mural has grown, both in size and popularity. What began as a memorial to our founders has since become one of the biggest attractions in our restaurant, drawing visitors from around the world to this famous landmark.

Today, the American Dream mural is a celebration to the achievements and success of Hispanic leaders in our community.

"The American Dream"

By Artist Robert Ytuarte

Internationally-known artist and San Antonio native, Robert Ytuarte restored and updated the “American Dream” mural and is now the resident artist at Mi Tierra Café y Panadería.A unique combination of study, work and travel has allowed Robert to develop an unusually powerful style that is unique among his peers. Early in his career in San Francisco, he focused on learning the techniques of the old masters, studying and painting portraits. Later, he moved to New Orleans where he developed the singular method of combining different media to create sepia portraits that have become his trademark.Since returning home to San Antonio, Robert has been perfecting and expanding his talents, showing his work and contributing artwork for fundraisers. In 1995, the San Antonio Spurs organization commissioned Robert to create “Motion Portraits of George Gervin and James Silas,” which has been seen by thousands of fans at the Alamodome.Robert continues to create powerful paintings that focus on Hispanic heritage.

Place Your Cursor Over The Mural To See Who's Who



Tex-Mex Restaurant Downtown San Antonio, TX (1)

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Frida Kahlo

Mexican Painter

Rosita Fernández

Mexican-American Singer and Actress

Cheech Marin

American Actor

Carlos Santana


Eva Longoria


Vikki Carr


Robert Rodríguez

Filmmaker, Screenwriter, and Musician

Vicente Fernández

Ranchera Singer

Gilberto Puente


Dr. Carlos Orozco


Humberto Saldaña


Judge Juan F. Vasquez

Judge of the United States Tax Court

Ricardo Romo

Former President of The University of Texas at San Antonio

Rep. Henry B. Gonzalez

Texas Representative

Charlie Gonzalez

Texas Representative

Henry Cisneros

Politician & Businessman

Congressman Joaquín Castro


Secretary Julian Castro

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Heriberto "Berto" Guerra, Jr.


Jaime Martinez

Labor and Civil Rights Activist

Cesar Chavez

Civil Rights, Latino and Farm Labor Leader

William C. Velásquez

Founder of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project

Jesse Treviño


Leticia Van de Putte


Lionel Sosa

Artist and Marketing Consultant

José Olmos

Mi Tierra Manager

Esperanza "Hope " Andrade

Community/Business Leader

Congressman Joaquin Castro


Elvira Cisneros


Master Sgt. Raul Perez Roy Benavidez

United States Army Special Forces

Eusebio Trujillo

Maria De La Luz Trujillo

Dr. Ellen Riojas-Clark

Leader in Education

Fernando Reyes

Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Community Leader

Max Navarro

Founder of Operational Technologies Corporation

Beatrice "Bibi" Peña

Mi Tierra's First Cashier

Henry Reed

Ralph Hernandez

Founder of The Little Red Barn Steakhouse

Dr. Gloria Rodriguez


Ruben Mungia, Sr.

Career Printer

Jose Luis Villagomez

The Villalobos

Frank Herrera

Attorney for the National Labor Relations Board

Cesar Millan

Best-Selling Author

Archbishop Patrick Flores

First Mexican American to become bishop of the Catholic Church

Father Virgilio Elizondo

Mexican American Roman Catholic Priest and Community Activist

Rosalinda Cortez

Pedro and Cruz Cortez

Founders of Mi Tierra

Oscar Jung

Ricardo Montalvo

Pedro Infante

Actor and Singer

John Quiñones

Anchor of "What Would You Do?"

Henry Muñoz III,

Entrepeneur, Award-Winning Designer, Cultural Activist, and Well-Respected Philanthropist

Rosemary Kowalski

Founder of Rosemary's Catering

Manuel Cortez

David Cortez

Second Generation Restaurateur and Leader of the Texas Foodservice Industry

Jorge Cortez

Ruben Cortez

Francisco I. Madero

Organized the Anti-Reelectionist Party

Roy Barrera Sr.


Emiliano Zapata

Mexican Revolutionary and Advocate of Agrarianism

Venustiano Carranza

Mexican Civil War Leader

Dr. Maria Hernandez Ferrier

Leader in Education

Diego Rivera


Pancho Villa


Leonardo "Flaco" Jiménez

Tejano Accordionist and singer

Chef Raúl Salazar

Ricardo G. Cedillo

Co-Founder of Davis, Cedillo & Mendoza, INC.

Pete Cortez

Michael Cortez

Third Generation Restaurateur

Christina Cortez

Cruz Cortez

Deborah Cortez


Raúl A. Almaguer

Rosita Fernandez's Husband

Juan Ortiz, Campanas de America

Musical Director and Manager to Campanas de America

Selena Quintanilla Perez

Recording Artist

Francisco Villalobos, Jr.

Edward James Olmos


Sandra Cisneros

American Writer and poet

Cortez Grandparents

José María Morelos


Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

Mexican Catholic Priest

The Larios

Freddy and Ninfa Garcia

Victory Outreach Ministry

Benito Juarez

President of Mexico (1861-1872)

Kenneth Lee "Ken" Salazar

Former Secretary of the Interior

Master Sergeant Cleto Rodriguez

Francisco I. Madero

Francisco Villalobos, Sr.

Raúl Jimenez

Restaurant Owner and Businessman

Teresa Champion


Willie "El Curro" Champion

Flamenco Artist

Dr. Tomas Ybarra-Frausto


Tino Duran

President of Duran Duran Industries and Publisher of La Prensa de San Antonio

Commissioner Paul Elizondo

Musical Pioneer

Dr. José San Martín


Dr. Hugo Castañeda


Frank Sepulveda

Gilbert Duran

Artist Non Grata

Luis Lopez



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