SketchUp Foundations for Interior Design (Beginner) - 2022 (2022)

SketchUp Foundations for Interior Design (Beginner) - 2022


About this course

You’ll create a beautiful model of a home including the walls, windows, doors, a staircase and a kitchen so by the end of this course, you’ll be *so* impressed with your efforts!

This course is developed for real-life scenarios to translate to your own projects so that you’ll have the skills to apply to your own interior design projects.

You’ll be able to create gorgeous custom designs for your clients, rather than the generic ‘sketchup-y’ style.

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Who is this course for?

This is especially designed for interior designers as a way to present their design concepts to their clients. This suits beginner to rookie level. You can be a complete beginner to SketchUp or have a basic understanding and want to improve workflow

Experience Levels Explained:

Has never used SketchUp before or any drawing software. You’re new to the interior design industry and not familiar with any drawing software.

You have seen what SketchUp can do and maybe had a few lessons on sketchUp but not enough time to grasp. You’ve completed a qualification and want to develop your technical skills.

Knows how to build basic rooms. Can draw walls, push-pull a door opening, insert components from the 3D Warehouse and navigate around in the space. Problems arise when the model needs to be edited, moving and rotating is challenging – the frustration is real.

Uses groups, rotates and moves with ease. Imports their own materials. Creates scenes. You’re tired of wasting time trying to work out what is going wrong and feeling frustrated.

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What to expect in this course

This is an online course delivered in six weekly modules.

Within each module you’ll find a series of video lessons that clearly explain each step of the way.

Written notes are also provided to follow along. I am here to give you a little nudge to make sure that you get the most out of this course. There will be submissions at the end of the modules where I give feedback.

Each week we meet for an online chat with the others in the group, which is a great way to connect with other like-minded designers and help each other out. No new content is delivered during this chat, it's an opportunity to ask me any questions.

You'll join our Facebook group of lovely designers where I can quickly answer your SketchUp dilemma!

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What to expect in this course

    • Welcome, let's get started!

    • Downloading Sketchup & Key Reference Guide

  • 2

    Week 1, Module 1: Learn how to set-up the workspace and navigate around SketchUp. Inserting the floorplan of the house. By the end of this week we should have the external walls of the ground floor drawn in 2D.

  • 3

    Week 2, Module 2: Create the 3D external and internal walls and floor. Create door and window openings in the walls. Import doors and windows and scale them to fit into the openings.

    • Module 2 reminder: Join our Facebook group & general questions

    • Module 2: Introduction Video

    • Lesson 10. Extruding the walls

    • Lesson 11. Layers

    • Lesson 12. Window openings

    • Lesson 13. 3D Warehouse windows

    • Lesson 14. Scaling windows to fit

    • Lesson 15. Scaling more windows to fit

    • Lesson 16. More windows

    • Lesson 17. Front door

    • Lesson 18. Grouping and creating internal walls

    • Lesson 19. Door openings

    • Lesson 20. Importing doors from 3D Warehouse

    • It's the end of Module 2. The foundations of the model are taking shape. Well done!

    • Module 2: Submission

  • 4

    Week 3, Module 3: Create floor levels, skirting, a custom staircase. Apply custom materials. The ground floor is done!

    • Module 3: Introduction Video

    • Lesson 21. Staircase- setting it up

    • Lesson 22. Modelling the Staircase

    • Lesson 23. Skirting

    • Lesson 24. More skirting

    • Lesson 25. Creating the Flooring

    • Lesson 26. Finding materials - SketchUp Texture Club

    • Lesson 27. Importing and Scaling the materials

    • Lesson 28. More flooring materials

    • Lesson 29. Stair materials and Balustrade

    • Module 3 is now completed! Flooring done, created stairs, added materials, skirting & balustrade

    • Module 3: Submission

  • 5

    Week 4, Module 4: We build a gorgeous kitchen complete with custom steel framed cupboard doors, stone island bench and custom pendant light.

    • Module 4: Introduction Video

    • Module 4: Downloads - Kitchens Checklist & Pendant light data sheet

    • Lesson 30. Kitchen design direction

    • Lesson 31. Troubleshooting a wall and window size

    • Lesson 32. Getting started on building the kitchen

    • Lesson 33. Cutting the stone benchtop and importing a sink

    • Lesson 34: Adding the tap

    • Lesson 35. Cooktop and materials

    • Lesson 36. Drawers and finger-pull

    • Lesson 37. Rangehood and shelf

    • Lesson 38: Stone material

    • Lesson 39. Tile on Rangehood

    • Lesson 40. Grouping Kitchen

    • Lesson 41. Create the island bench

    • Lesson 42. Drawers on the island bench

    • Lesson 43. Move kitchen into the floorplan

    • Lesson 44. Creating a custom light

    • Lesson 45. Importing jpeg - don't resize in this model!

    • Lesson 46. Brass rod

    • Lesson 47. Vertical rods

    • Lesson 48. Horizontal rod, assemble light

    • Lesson 49. Move light into place

    • It's been a big few weeks to get here, can't wait to see your models

    • Module 4: Submission

  • 6

    Week 5, Module 5: Find beautiful furniture and décor objects plus create your own custom rug. These finishing touches are so fun to include in the model and bring the space to life!

    • Module 5: Introduction Video

    • Module 5: Downloads - SU Foundations checklist & 3D Warehouse tips

    • Lesson 50. Furniture from 3d Warehouse

    • Lesson 51. SketchUp models from supplier websites

    • Lesson 52. Importing furniture from websites + 3Ds files

    • Lesson 53. Changing materials on furniture

    • Lesson 54. Custom rug

    • Lesson 55. Custom artwork

    • How fun was that? I look forward to seeing how you've decorated your space

    • Module 5: Submission

  • 7

    Week 6, Module 6: Now we have an impressive model, we need to capture it in images to show our client. We create jpg snapshots and also an animation. You’ll feel like all of your hard work has paid off!

    • Module 6: Introduction Video

    • Lesson 56. Create a scene

    • Lesson 57. Creating a ceiling. Note about layers + groups

    • Lesson 58. Material on door

    • Lesson 59. Front door open and closed - advanced option

    • Lesson 60. Create scenes into space

    • Lesson 61. Create a background

    • Lesson 63. More kitchen scenes and new layers

    • Lesson 64. Living room views

    • Lesson 62. View of kitchen

    • Lesson 65. Exporting a jpeg of our scene

    • Lesson 66. Create an animation

    • Lesson 67. Uploading your video onto YouTube

    • Congratulations you've completed SketchUp Foundations for Interior Design, woohoo!

    • Module 6: Submission

  • 8

    Bonus Module: Let’s create a fireplace and entertainment unit.

    • Lesson 68. The fireplace

    • Lesson 69. Finding the open wood fireplace

    • Lesson 70. Turn off layers and plan fireplace

    • Lesson 71. Inserting fireplace into wall

    • Lesson 72. Adding joinery layers and grouping

    • Lesson 73. Final touches


  • I'm new to online courses, how does this work?

    Our Sketchup courses are arranged in Modules & Lessons. The lessons include course notes, file downloads, step by step videos to follow along, assignments & you can ask questions within the course platform or our private Facebook Group.

  • I would like to know how many hours per week it would involve?

    You'll be looking at between 2 - 8 hours per week. The first two modules are a steep learning curve and can take some more time. These are when we build the walls, insert doors and windows. So I would allow 8 hours max for the first 2-3 weeks. Designers in the group found the kitchen to be easier and more fun. Then the last modules, 5 & 6 are putting the furniture in and creating an animation - so allow 2 - 4 hours. So there is a bit of a time investment in this course - there is a lot we teach you.

  • Is it flexible to access/complete at any time?

    It is flexible to complete in your own time, there is 12 months access. The aim is to finish the modules after six weeks, however the facebook group is quite active and I am always available to help there. and other designers have helped with questions, which is lovely - so no rush!

  • Is any version of sketch up okay to use?

    We use the free version to demonstrate the lessons - SketchUp Make 2017 which is still available to download.

  • Is there any kind of certification at the end also or it is more just “knowledge” to gain kind of thing?

    This is a non accredited course.

  • Do I need any qualifications to do this course?

    There are no prerequisites to the course, however it is aimed to assist interior designers and not the homeowner. So knowledge of reading floorplans is beneficial. You will also know how to download and save files. Just that kind of thing. But we are also happy to help with that stuff too.

  • How & what do I need to watch this course?

    The best way to experience any of our courses are via a Mac (OS) or PC (Win). Mobile devices including but not limited to ipads, iphones & tablets can also be used. Internet connection with at least ADSL 1.5mbps+ or greater for smooth video playback & downloading/uploading during the course

  • I've purchased the course & not sure how to access it!

    You will receive an email with your enrollment confirmation & link to the course after purchase, please keep this in a safe place. Modules are released immediately for you to begin. Enjoy!

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