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What are custom flags? How do they differ from feather, teardrop, rectangle, and angled flag banners?

Made from a durable weather and fade resistant 4 oz. polyester material and printed using a permanent dye sublimation process, custom or standard flags are specifically designed for indoor and outdoor display needs with the added benefit of having a reinforced grommet strip to secure the flag to virtually any object. This versatility allows the flag to be displayed in a variety of circumstances, including on flagpoles (optional), hung in windows, and displayed on fences or walls using rope, zip-ties, wall-mounted hooks, nails, etc. Custom flags are rectangular in shape and do not offer curved or intricatelydesigned patterns. In most cases, custom flags are for residential and smaller display purposes including commercial and church settings.Feather, teardrop, rectangle, and angled flag banners are specialty advertising or business flags that are designed to a specific shape using a pole pocket on the flag and a flexible pole. These advertising flags do not have grommets. All advertising flags are intended for outdoor display either in or on the ground using a stake or base, and typically range from 9 ft. to 18 ft. in height. Their primary use is for business and event promotion.

What are the differences between polyester and nylon flags?

While both materials are suitable for use as standard or custom flags, the materials do offer different qualities that set each apart. Nylon flags are typically thinner than polyester flags, offering a lightweight quality that allows the flag to blow in the wind. The thin nature also offers greater ease in folding (especially with smaller flags). Nylon is a shiny (glossy) material. Nylon is water resistant, making it suitable for outdoor displaying. Nylon flags are usually for periodic, not long-term displaying. We do not currently offer nylon flags at this time. Polyester flags are heavier than nylon, allowing them to resist stronger wind gusts. Because polyester flags are heavier than nylon, larger flags are unsuitable for smaller flagpoles. Polyester offers greater durability, especially in windy conditions. Polyester has a higher tolerance against ripping or becoming pierced. Polyester has a matte appearance. The material is weather resistant (fades less than Nylon) and is suitable for prolonged displaying outdoors (lasts longer than Nylon).

Do you offer pennant flags?

At this time we do not offer any pennant flags nor any cut to shape standard or custom flags. Flags, as described on this page, are rectangular or square in shape. For business and event promotion, our advertising flags come in different shapes but are still not considered pennant flags.

Will a flag pole be included with my purchase of a custom flag?

We offer 1" diameter aluminum flagpoles as an optional add-on with the purchase of a custom flag. These poles are 72" in length and consist of two pieces connected together. They are compatible with any standard 1" flag mount.

Do you offer flag kits?

We offer both flag poles and flag mounts. These can be purchased together or separately with a purchase of a custom flag. To get a flag pole or flag mount simply select one or the other (or both) from the accessories dropdown within the design tool when designing your custom flag.

Will exposure to sun fade the flag?

Our custom flags are designed to withstand normal exposure to sunlight due to the dye sublimation printing process. This printing process protects the design from fading or scratching. Prolonged exposure in direct sunlight can cause fading, but in almost all cases this should not be a concern for typical use.

Will the wind be able to blow my flag away?

To prevent your flag from being blown away in the wind, we recommend securing the flag to a flagpole or a sturdy object. In rare cases, high-intensity winds could cause the flag to be dislodged from where it's anchored.

Does the flag come with rope to tie it down?

The flag does not come with a rope to secure it to an object. We suggest using a rope that is less than ½ inch thick to secure the flag.

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How small or big can my custom flag be?

Flags can range anywhere between 12”x12” to 62” x 100”. In other words, the largest flag we can do is just bigger than a 5’x8’ (H x W) or 8’x5’ (W x H).

What are common sizes for a custom flag?

Common flag sizes include 2.5’x4’ 3’x5’, 4’x6’, 5’x8’ and 6’x10’.Because our site uses WxH rather than HxW, these are listed as 4’x2.5’, 5’x3’, 6’x4’, 8’x5’ and 10’x6’ on our design tool. As noted above, the largest flag we can produce is 8’x5’.While some flags flown officially have rigid requirements related to size, the general rule of thumb for personal/custom flags state that you should use the height of your pole to determine the proper flag size. This rule dictates that the width of your flag should be at least ¼ of your flagpole height. Our recommended flag size based on common flagpole heights is shown below:10’ - 4’x2.5’15’ - 5’x3’20’ - 5’x3’25’ - 6’x4’30’ - 8’x5’A custom flag mounted with a standard flag kit on a residential home or business is typically 4’x2.5’ (5-foot pole) or 5’x3’ (6-foot pole) in size. Either of these sizes would give you a horizontal orientation/rectangular shape and an average size flag perfect for your home.

What material is your custom flag made out of?

Our custom flags are made from a durable 4 oz. polyester. We’ve found that 4 oz. polyester is the ideal material for flags due to its durable and flexible nature and long lasting print quality.

What is the lifespan of your custom flag?

With proper care and storage, the lifespan of the flag can be 4+ years. Displaying the flag in direct sunlight for prolonged periods or in adverse weather conditions can lessen the lifespan of the flag.

How is my design printed on the flag?

Your design will be printed onto your flag using a dye sublimation process. This process infuses the ink directly into the polyester material, resulting in an extremely vibrant and durable image.

Do you offer hand-stitched flags? Embroidery?

We do not offer hand-stitched flags; all of our flags are printed using a dye sublimation process. Likewise, currently we not offer embroidered flags.

Will my design cover the entire flag or just a portion of it?

Your design will cover the entire face of the flag except for the strip that contains your grommets. This reinforced, white grommet strip will be on either the left or top edge (depending on the option you select) and measures approximately 1 ½ inches. This approximate 1.5” is not shown on our design tool. As such, we recommend avoiding having any text that runs to the very edge of your flag. Please note that this strip, regardless of location, is always white.The exception to whether your design will cover the entire surface or not is when you select the option of no grommet strip. In this case, your design will cover the entire area of the flag but will not have the strip nor grommets needed to hang or fly your flag. This option means that you will only have a stitched hem (white stitching) on all four sides of your flag.

Can I order a flag without the strip and grommets?

Yes! Simply select the option that denotes no grommet strip. Your design will cover the entire surface of your flag but not have the strip nor grommets needed to hang or fly your flag. All four sides will have a stitched hem (white stitching). This is the ideal situation if you intend on displaying the flag by holding it up as if often seen in soccer stadiums and other sporting events.


Is the grommet strip always white? Any exceptions?

If selected, your left or top grommet strip will always be white. At this time we are not able to make the strip any other color. Nonetheless, we’re convinced you’ll find your flag to be not just high quality but aesthetically pleasing regardless of how you intend to use it!

Is the stitching on the flag always white? Any exceptions?

Yes. The stitching of your custom flag, regardless of your design, will always be white. At the current time, we do not offer any alternative stitching color.

Will printing multiple colors cost more?

Whether you print 1 color or 100 colors, the cost of printing will not increase as we always print in full color! The cost of your order will be dictated by the size and quantity of the flags you order.

Will my flag melt if placed in direct sunlight or high temperatures?

The 4 oz. polyester is heat resistant, meaning that it will not melt when placed in direct sunlight. The color and design of the flag can be affected by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Are your flags fire resistant?

Flags are heat resistant but are not designed to be fire resistant. We caution against displaying the flag near an open flame or sparks.

Do I have to use one of your templates for my flag?

Templates are not mandatory to use; they are available to aid in designing a custom flag. We offer the option for uploading your own design or creating a flag from scratch using our design tool. We also offer free design help if you need assistance in creating a custom flag.

Can your flags be double sided?

Yes, our flags can be double sided. Simply select the double-sided option in the design tool to enable this.

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Can I have different designs on both the front and back of my flag?

You can print a different design or graphic on either side of your flag. After selecting the double-sided option, click the ‘back side’ button in the design tool to begin designing the back side. Simply upload different files to the respective sides in our design tool and make sure the option of “2 Sides Different” is selected under the ‘Printed Sides’ option.

Do double-sided flags have multiple layers of material?

Double-sided flags are constructed with two layers of polyester material with a linen insert in between to prevent the design of one side “bleeding” or being seen through on the other side. A single-sided flag will only have one layer of polyester material with no linen insert.

Can I order just a single sided flag?

Yes, single-sided flags are available.

Is the single-sided option print through? Or viewable from the other side?

A flag printed using the single-sided option will be printed on one side while the other side will show a slightly faded and mirrored version of your design (similar to viewing your design on the opposite side of a printed sheet of paper). To have the same design and text (not mirrored) displayed on the reverse side of your flag, select the double-sided option in the design tool.


What are ways I can display a custom flag?

Flags can be displayed in a variety of ways, including flag pole displaying, hanging vertically from a ceiling or overhang, tied to a fence, or mounted on a wall. They also will work with any pole with clips or hooks for a standard pole kit used on homes or front porches. The reinforced grommet strip provides extra durability to the flag when secured using the grommets. We offer compatible flag poles and standard flag mounts as additional purchases alongside any custom flag order.

What are custom flags used for?

Custom flags are excellent for showcasing your team spirit, company logo, national pride, or love for the holidays. Flags are excellent for both indoor and outdoor decoration and can be displayed using a flagpole or hung using rope or hooks. Flags can also be used for business use and advertising. Use flags as temporary displays at outdoor events (ie. no parking, off limits, and other directional signs) or use them to decorate vendor booths. The sky's the limit for what you can use custom flags for.

Do you offer templates for individual state or country flags?

The only templates we currently have for custom flags are the ones shown higher up on this page. Nonetheless, if you are not able to find the flag you are looking for you can contact us for free design services! Assuming there are no copyright issues, we can create any flag you want to fly!

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Do you offer templates for sports teams? Can I print a professional team’s logo on my flag?

We do not offer templates for any professional sports teams. Unless you have the rights to print copyrighted logos we are unable to print these types of flags.

Can I print military related flags?

Yes, military flags can be printed as long as they fall within our terms of use.

Are your custom flags suitable for car use? What about for boating?

Our custom flags are designed for display on secure objects or anchor points. In practice, our flags can be displayed on vehicles, though we do not offer any vehicle attachments to do so. If displayed on a boat, we recommend using a flagpole secured to the hull for attaching the flag.

Installation and Care

How do I best care for my flag?

We recommend storing your flag when not in use in order to increase the longevity of the material and design (this is especially true for flags displayed in direct sunlight). Fold the flag to store it and place it on a shelf or within a protective box or case. If the flag becomes dirty, use a damp cloth with a light soap mixture to help remove any caked on dirt. Avoid using bleach and other hard cleaners to ensure your flag is not damaged. Custom flags are machine washable using a light washing cycle with cold water. Wash separately from other items and allow to air dry (do not use a tumble dryer). If your flag is wrinkled, place in direct sunlight or heat to remove any creases. Do not iron your flag to remove wrinkles (this will damage the material and design).

Is my flag washable?

Yes, custom flags are machine washable on a light spin cycle with cold water. Do not use bleach detergent or a tumble dryer with the flag.

How do I store my custom flag?

Store your custom flag by neatly folding it and placing it on a shelf or in an area that protects it from being stepped on. Do not place the flag near sharp objects. We recommend finding a protective case to store the flag in (we do not offer these for custom flags).


How tall should a flagpole be? ›

Ideally, the pole should be visible from all angles without interference from shrubbery, trees or other obstacles and looks neither too large nor too small for your home. The typical height for residential areas is 20 feet. If your home is two to three stories tall, you may want to consider a 25-foot flagpole.

Can I make my own flag? ›

You can make custom flags for any occasion or event with our free custom flag maker. It's fun and easy, and you will see the results in minutes. Get creative with customized flags. They're a great way to support a cause, decorate for your event or bedroom when doubled up as a cool wall hanging.

What is a standard flag size? ›

Betsy Ross and the American Flag

The usual size of a flag used at home is 3'x5'. A casket flag is 9-1/2'x5'. The table below shows the appropriate size flag to fly on flagpoles of several heights.

How do you buy a flag pole? ›

flagpole buying tips
  1. Height, Butt Diameter, & Wall Thickness.
  2. Single or Multiple. Flag Display.
  3. Material & Finish.
  4. Halyard System. (Internal or External)
  5. Installation Type.

What color should a flagpole be? ›

The most popular colors are silver, bronze, black, and white. You might want to choose one that matches the trim of your house or possibly the color of your fencing. The most common types of finishes on flagpoles are powder coating, painting, or anodizing.

How many flags can you put on a flagpole? ›

What order should they be in? N.B.: You may never place two national flags on a single pole, as they must be at the same height and the approximate same size. N.B.: You may never place a company or advertisement flag on the same pole as the US flag. In military use, no more than two flags may be on a single pole.

How can I get a free flag? ›

  1. The Indian postal service provides free doorstep delivery of the national flag for the celebration of Independence Day on the 15th of August, 2022. ...
  2. The flag can be ordered at the website by anyone in India.
12 Aug 2022

What is a flag maker called? ›

Someone who studies flags is a vexillologist, the art of flag design is vexillography, and a flag designer is a vexillographer. The US vexillologist Whitney Smith coined the term in the late 1950s, drawing on Latin and Greek elements.

How much does a custom 3x5 flag cost? ›

How much does a custom flag cost? The custom 3x5 flag size costs $65.99 for a single-reverse option and $98.99 for a custom double sided flag.

What is the best material for an outdoor flag? ›

With the invention of synthetic fibers, most outdoor flags are now made out of nylon or polyester. Each material has its advantages. Polyester is generally the most durable, the heaviest, and also most expensive. Nylon is the next most durable and also well suited for outdoor conditions.

What is the best size flag for a house? ›

For a house mount flagpole we recommend a 2.5x4' flag on a 5' flag pole, or a 3x5' on a 6' pole. The biggest factor in hanging these flags is that you don't want the flag to touch anything (bushes, trees, gutters, siding, door knobs, etc.) when it flies.

How do I know what size flag I need? ›

The General Rule of Thumb is: The Length of your Flag should be at least 1/4 the Height of your Flagpole. For example, a 12ft Flagpole would require a 2ft x 3ft Flag and a 20ft Flagpole a 3ft x 5ft Flag.

What is the best flag pole for high winds? ›

Extra heavy duty hurricane flag poles (Cross Reference: ECH, CESR) are designed for use in a variety of severe weather commercial applications and to meet wind ratings of at least 190 MPH. They are the strongest and most durable severe weather flag poles in the Admiral line.

Which is better fiberglass or aluminum flag pole? ›

Because aluminum is more durable compared to fiberglass, it holds up better against severe weather, such as heavy winds or storms. Aluminum also comes in a wide variety of finish options, giving you more room to customize and install the perfect flagpole for your wants and needs.

How expensive is a flag pole? ›

The average cost to have a professional install a flagpole is $850, but if you undertake the job yourself using a flagpole kit, you'll typically pay about $500.
Minimum CostNational Average CostMaximum Cost
12 May 2022

Why is there a ball at the top of a flagpole? ›

The main purpose of the ball is to hold the flag in place. More specifically, it prevents the flag from sliding off the top of the flagpole. Many flags feature a tube-like section of fabric that runs vertically along the left-hand side of the flag.

Are you supposed to take flag down in rain? ›

The flag should not be subject to weather damage, so it should not be displayed during rain, snow and wind storms unless it is an all-weather flag. It should be displayed often, but especially on national and state holidays and special occasions.

What is the name of the gold ball on top of the flagpole? ›

Scale the flagpole. At the top sits a little golden sphere known as the finial ball. Inside is a razor blade, a match, and a bullet. You must use the razor blade to cut the stars and stripes from the American flag, the match to burn the remains, and the bullet to defend the base or shoot yourself …

What does an upside down flag mean? ›

According to the U.S. Flag Code, flying the American flag upside down is only meant to be done "as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property." But lately, hanging the stars and stripes upside down is seen more of a symbol — a symbol increasingly used by those on both sides of the ...

Does the flag go on the left or right arm? ›

The flag can be worn on the right or left shoulder, depending on the uniform. Military regulation requires that the flag's stars always be on the forward-facing side ... Non-service members can wear their patches on either shoulder as well, but the stars can face the back of the shoulder or put on the right side."

What size flag should be flown on a 20 foot pole? ›

For in-ground poles, the fly, or length of the flag should be at least one-quarter the height of the pole. For example, the flag for a 20′ high flagpole should be at least 5′ in length. A 3'x5′ flag would be a great choice for a 20′ high pole.

Does the post office sell flags? ›

Within a short span of 10 days, India Post has sold more than 1 crore national flags, through post offices as well as online, to citizens," the statement said. These flags have been sold at a very economical price of Rs 25.

How do I order a flag online? ›

  1. Step 1: Register to the official website of the 'Epost Office' portal.
  2. Step 2: Then add the national flag to the cart.
  3. Step 3: Before adding it to the cart, the website will ask for a log-in.
  4. Step 4: For new users, they need to provide an email id and phone number.
9 Aug 2022

How do I order a USPS flag online? ›

Visit your local Post Office to buy Tiranga or order online at, per India Post's tweet. Step 1: Open the link and sign up. Step 2: Enter the credentials to log in. Step 3: Click "National Flag" under "Products" and add it to your shopping cart.

What is the triangle on a flag called? ›

A pennon or pennant is a flag that is larger at the hoist than at the fly. It can have several shapes, such as triangular, tapering or triangular swallowtail.

Is there an app to design a flag? ›

Design your very own flag in minutes! Fan of vexillology? This app is a simple tool to design and create flags! Create a flag within minutes using dozens of base designs with dozens of overlays, and over a hundred emblems to choose from!

How big is a 5x3 flag? ›

it is 3 feet tall by 5 feet wide or 36 inches tall by 60 inches wide or 91.44 cm by 152.4 cm.

How are flags printed? ›

Printed Flags are usually either digitally printed or screen printed. Digital print is the newer method of flag printing. This process creates full color designs using an inkjet printer with special inks. The printing can be done directly onto the fabric, or onto paper, and then transferred to the fabric.

How do you make your own flag? ›

How to Design Your Own Flag
  1. Decide what type of flag you need. There are different types of flags available in the market. ...
  2. Choose a flag design template. With the help of online design tools, you can easily design a business flag. ...
  3. Start customising. Time to customise. ...
  4. Choose your printing preferences. ...
  5. Finalising your order.

How tall should a flagpole be for a 2 story house? ›

For two-story homes, if the flagpole is close to the house 20ft-25ft will look best. If you're installing it farther away, then a 25ft pole will look amazing.

How deep should a flagpole be in the ground? ›

Make sure the hole is at least 2 feet deep and four to six times the diameter of the pole to accommodate the ground sleeve.

What is the standard size flag pole for a house? ›

Most house poles are 5 or 6 feet in height, and because of the angle, you can still use a 3'x5' flag. In fact, that is usually the size flag that will come with most house pole flag sets or kits.

How tall is a school flag pole? ›

A school flag pole ranges in height from 20 feet to 45 feet. Most flag poles intended for public or institutional display generally fall within this range. Flag poles for residential use generally fall between 15 feet and 25 feet in height.

Do you need planning permission for a flagpole? ›

Generally planning permission will be required if you intend to fly flags used for advertising. Portable flagpoles are an alternative solution as they do not require planning permission. A preferred option for new and used car dealerships.

What is the best size flag for a house? ›

For a house mount flagpole we recommend a 2.5x4' flag on a 5' flag pole, or a 3x5' on a 6' pole. The biggest factor in hanging these flags is that you don't want the flag to touch anything (bushes, trees, gutters, siding, door knobs, etc.) when it flies.

What is the best flag pole for high winds? ›

Extra heavy duty hurricane flag poles (Cross Reference: ECH, CESR) are designed for use in a variety of severe weather commercial applications and to meet wind ratings of at least 190 MPH. They are the strongest and most durable severe weather flag poles in the Admiral line.

Are flagpoles lightning rods? ›

It is a myth that flag poles and rods attract lightning because they are made of metal. Contrary to popular belief, metal does not inherently attract lightning. Instead, height, shape, and isolation are the dominant factors in determining where a lightning bolt strikes.

How do you cement a flagpole? ›

Installing a One Piece Residential Flagpole-Step One - YouTube

How long should concrete cure for a flagpole? ›

Allow at least 24 hours for the cement to harden before you can raise the flagpole at its highest position.

Which is better Nylon or polyester flags? ›

In general, polyester is a better and more durable choice for more frequently flown flags. Nylon Flags are lighter weight than polyester – so are great for the occasional outing, as they are easier to fly. Location: Nylon is lighter than polyester, and therefore flies more easily in areas without high winds.

What type of flag is best for outdoors? ›

Polyester flags are best for high-wind areas and unpredictable weather conditions. The two-ply material we use to make our polyester flags has an open weave. The open weave allows wind to flow through the material resulting in a flag that will wear exceptionally well and look great.

Is a cotton or nylon flag better? ›

Cotton works well for traditional ceremony, indoor display. It is not as durable in wet conditions as nylon and poly. Nylon is strong, flies well, fade resistant, and resists mildew. These benefits make nylon the most popular choice for outdoor residential use.

Which is better aluminum or fiberglass flagpoles? ›

Because aluminum is more durable compared to fiberglass, it holds up better against severe weather, such as heavy winds or storms. Aluminum also comes in a wide variety of finish options, giving you more room to customize and install the perfect flagpole for your wants and needs.

What size flag do I need for a 20 foot flagpole? ›

The General Rule of Thumb is: The Length of your Flag should be at least 1/4 the Height of your Flagpole. For example, a 12ft Flagpole would require a 2ft x 3ft Flag and a 20ft Flagpole a 3ft x 5ft Flag.

What size flag do I need for a 30 foot flagpole? ›

20' Flagpole-Minimum Top flag 3'x5', Bottom (2nd flag) 2'x3'
Flag Sizing Chart.
Flagpole LengthFlag Size
20'3'x5' up to 4'x6'
25'4'x6' up to 5'x8'
30' - 35'5'x8' up to 6'x10'
40' - 45'6'x10' up to 8'x12'
5 more rows


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