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benuta offers a wide range of rugs created by renowned designers and famous international brands.

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Arte Espina

Discover creative Arte Espina rugs at benuta. The remarkable rugs of the young Dutch family-owned company Arte Espina have been enjoying growing popularity for several years now. This is absolutely justified! A broad, colourful selection ranging from muted tones to bright ones, varied designs and different materials, guarantee the rich variety of Arte Espina. Whether shaggy, modern or Arte Espina kids rugs, the designers of Arte Espina offer a great choice for different tastes. But the design is not all that counts: special attention is paid on producing rugs from high quality materials which meet the highest standards. In addition, all rugs are tested for pollutants, approve to TÜV-standards and are therefore absolutely harmless.

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The brand ASTRA is part of the family business Otto Golze & Söhne GmbH found in 1873 and combines classic modern designs with long experience in producing rugs. Usually designed with subtle but vivid colours and simple, linear graphic patterns, ASTRA rugs are elegant eye-catchers and harmoniously adapt to all types of interior. Thanks to their modest manner, they also prove to be real team players in in the area of interior decorating.

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With our home brand, we offer our benuta rugs in a wide range of modern designs and high quality materials such as wool and leather. This great selection and our affordable prices guarantee a unique shopping experience. Therefore, even natural sisal rugs and robust outdoor rugs are also part of this diversity. In addition, you will find our beautiful top sellers among our benuta Young Collection, like wonderful shaggy rugs and variants for children’s and teenage bedrooms, at unbeatable prices. We directly import most of our rugs and highly value fair conditions in producing countries. In addition, we always keep an eye on the latest trends and designs in order to be able to offer these in our online shop.

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Brink & Campmann

Since 1897, the Dutch company Brink & Campman can draw on their experience in the production and trade of rugs. stand for high-grade designs and top quality in terms of material and workmanship - and this with a good conscience. All rugs are created in cooperation with CARE & FAIR, an initiative working against child labour and for fair conditions in producing countries. In addition, the models meet the internationally valid Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for textiles and are therefore free of harmful substances.

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Brita Sweden

The bright colours and clear geometric patterns of Brita Sweden rugs are typical of the cheerful Scandinavian lifestyle that has been inspiring the designers and designs of this Swedish family business for years. With regard to Swedish traditions, Brita Sweden highly values the sustainability of their products. This is not only reflected in the simple and timeless rug designs but also in the robust and durable processing of their rugs. Made from high quality synthetic fibres, Brita Sweden rugs are highly resistant and therefore can even be used as outdoor rugs, like in a garden or on a terrace. Therefore, these extraordinary and beautiful home accessories can be used in extremely versatile ways while suiting different individual tastes.

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With a great love for natural materials and by now over 125 years of experience, the German company "Deutsche Kokoswebereien Schürholz Teppichfabrik", abbreviated with DEKOWE, is producing rugs using regrowing vegetable raw materials and high-quality synthetic fibres. In doing so, close attention is paid to a sustainable production and a resource-efficient use of plants. Thanks to the high-quality and technically advanced processing, beautiful eco-friendly sisal rugs or rugs made from selected synthetic fibres, which are particularly suitable for the outdoor area, are created. The classic design of DEKOWE rugs and their simple elegance are always in fashion and match with a wide range of different styles of interior design thanks to their subdued character.

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Designers Guild

Sophisticated English design in its most beautiful form is offered with the high quality rugs of the British label Designers Guild. Found by the siblings Tricia Guild and Simon Jeffreys in 1970, the company has been enriching the market with its smart and at the same time extraordinary and timeless designs ever since. Thanks to the use of solid high quality materials, Designers Guild rugs are special eye-catchers which highlight the interior in an extravagant way. Next to high-class design, Designers Guild also highly values ethic standards. Therefore, central importance is attached to the elimination of child labour, providing fair working conditions and the use natural, sustainable materials in the production of Designers Guild rugs.

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Found in 1968, this fashion label is one of the most popular clothing brands. Creative designs, great quality and youthful simplicity also distinguish Esprit rugs. These combine international trends with traditional elements, ranging from ethnic patterns and vintage styles to graphic and three dimensional designs. These rugs have an individual and stylish effect full of charm and esprit.

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High quality and sophisticated designs: Since 1990, the family owned business GRUND has been producing quality bath mats which are now sold in over 40 countries in Europe and Asia. The individual GRUND bath mats spread a cosy atmosphere in every bathroom thanks to their warm, soft pile are created in collaboration with renowned designers such as the industrial designer Luigi Colani. Innovation, social responsibility and trustful partnerships are central elements of their corporate philosophy and have been contributing to the success of the bath mat manufacturer for over 25 years. In doing so, the customer and the individual employee of the company GRUND has taken a central role.

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Colani bath mats are the work of the award-winning, internationally renowned industrial designer Luigi Colani, who has been impressing the world with new, innovative designs in various product areas for over half a century. Since 2006, his bath mats do not only stand out with the distinctive signature that the designer sets on all his works, but also with flowing, organic shapes and contrasting colours which are also typical of Colani’s style. The designer mats are free of harmful substances and have been manufactured by hand in a complex procedure, ensuring great quality and outstanding designs.

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Creative patterns, innovative designs, fresh colours full of contrast and high-class workmanship: Harlequin rugs set their own standards! Distinguished materials like new wool are exquisitely crafted and guarantee quality at its finest. If you are looking for a modern and elegant designer rug, you will find it with the brand Harlequin.

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Modern Scandinavian design combining traditional elements with new forms and ideas: This is the concept of Linie Design, the Danish rug designer brand found in 1980. Its fashionable, minimalist look is created in collaboration with ambitious designers from all over Scandinavia, and makes Linie Design rugs one of the best-selling ones in all of Northern Europe. The superior quality of their rugs, which are handcrafted by skilled Indian craft workers using traditional techniques, majorly contributes to their success. Therefore, Linie Design rugs convince customers in more than 60 countries with their high quality, simplistic elegance and timeless design that enriches any living space in.

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Rugs like works of art, with an original and modern design - that is the concept behind Obsession. While aiming to create a special look and feel, the designers of the young, creative label are always experimenting with rug designs, colours and shapes and thereby create genuine art for floors. The beautiful Obsession rugs enrich every room with their inspiring liveliness and create a modern, stylish interior, inviting you to relax and make yourself at home. With a wide range of beautiful and unique designs, the label offers artful pieces for all senses. Whether modern rugs, shaggy rugs or models for kids - Obsession rugs provide just the right design for every style and taste, whether colourful and patterned, elegantly restrained or highly distinct.

Rug Designers & Brands (14)


The international fashion retailer MEXX sets new trends with its stylish collections. In doing so, the inexhaustible creative spirit of the MEXX design team is beautifully mirrored in MEXX rugs. In addition to extravagant designs and forms, their collections, including their wonderful kid’s rugs, stand out with high quality materials and great craftsmanship.

Rug Designers & Brands (15)


The young Belgian company Papilio stands for pure innovation and has received several international design awards for their handmade designer rugs. One of these has been given to the rug Cyclo which is made from recycled bicycle tires. However, patchwork rugs made from leather or denim rugs with sewn-in zippers also characterise Papilio rugs. With these high-end collections, fine extraordinary materials, bright colours, excellent designs and quality workmanship meet creativity that inspires.

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Found in 1860 in London, the company Sanderson imported French wallpaper into the United Kingdom before even producing rugs themselves. Success was not long in coming, so since 1923 Sanderson has been equipping the British royal house. Unique designs inspired from decades of developing fabrics and wallpapers are now to be found in Sanderson rugs. High-quality materials and elegant, typically British designs unite and delight all admirers of stylish interior.

Rug Designers & Brands (17)


The British brand Scion is one of the most innovative suppliers of fabric wallpaper and a subsidiary company of the British textile publisher Harlequin, offering a great wealth of different designs. Scion rugs follow the designs of the fashionable wallpaper patterns and offer models of high-quality made from first-class materials. Their rug designs have a timeless and elegant look which is unique and modern at the same time.

Kids Rugs

Rug Designers & Brands (18)


Everyone knows them – the characters of the Disney classics like Winnie the Pooh, Bambi and Sleeping Beauty. As a part of the original Disney kids rug collection, these cartoon heroes decorate kid’s rooms along with other Disney favourites like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck. The colourful Disney kids rugs do not only capture kids’ hearts, but also convince adults with their great TÜV certified quality, their robust finish and their soft, sturdy pile.

Rug Designers & Brands (19)


For more than 75 years, the Bavarian family business HABA has been convincing customers with the high quality and durability of their products for children. These do not only include the famous wooden toys, but also other beautiful things like clothes, books and HABA kids rugs. According to the HABA corporate philosophy, a child’s experience is of central importance when designing these products. Therefore, the colourful HABA kids rugs are not only processed in a beautiful and robust way, they are also decorated with a well-thought out design and hence perfectly suitable as a basis for a variety of games. Thanks to the use of fine New Zealand wool, Haba rugs create a soft and cosy playing area in children’s bedrooms – simply perfect for playing, cuddling and romping around.

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Hello Kitty

This little kitty enjoys cult status and impresses young and old. With the brand new Hello Kitty rugs, the trendy cat is now also available in the form of home accessories for floors. Whether strong or sweet, square or round; the multifaceted range of shapes and designs is available at a high degree of quality and at reasonable prices, offering just the right thing for young and older kids.

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Lorena Canals

For the past 25 years, the Spanish company Lorena Canals has been producing kids rugs with the effort of adding special warmth and homely comfort to kid’s bedrooms. The creators of Lorena Canals achieve this by using comfortably soft materials, like those used for wool rugs or cotton rugs, and by embellishing their rugs with colourful designs like stars, polka dots, flags or patterns resembling animal skin. On these sweet Lorena Canals kids rugs, every design gets a cheerful and playful touch. In addition to the design of their accessories, the rug producer Lorena Canals also values practical aspects. Therefore, Lorena Canals was one of the first brands to introduce washable kids rugs that can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. In addition, maintaining ethical standards is also very important to the company which is why Lorena Canals rugs are made in an environmentally friendly way without child labour.

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The colourful kids rugs and baby rugs by Nattiot are cheerful, carefree and full of life. Jazzy designs burst with attention to detail and appeal to babies and children of all ages. Thanks to selected materials and carefully crafted work, Nattiot kids rugs are very soft and thus perfectly adapted to the needs of babies and toddlers. Before new rugs are included in the product range, they are extensively tested to ensure that they are absolutely non-hazardous to health. In addition to the high quality standards, Nattiot values good working conditions in producing countries and an environmentally friendly production of their rugs.

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The product range of Sigikid does not only include charming, cuddly toys, but also imaginative and colourful kids rugs made from easy-care and robust acrylic fibres. Sigikid rugs create small oases for games in cheerful bright colours and invite children to snuggle and play. The high-quality models are certified according to the internationally valid Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and are guaranteed to be free of harmful substances.

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