Real Estate Agent Resume Examples in 2023 - (2023)

The job outlook for real estate brokers and sales agents is good, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting that employment will grow 7% in the years from 2018 to 2028, equaling 32,400 more jobs. This is due to a rising population looking for new homes, especially as millennials enter the housing market. However, the industry is sensitive to changes in the economy, so these jobs may decline during when interest rates are high or the economy is struggling.

Whether jobs are increasing or declining, there will still be competition for real estate agent positions and a well-written resume is an essential tool to help you stand out from other job applicants. The downloadable resume samples below can help you create a strong resume, and you’ll find examples for both entry-level and experienced job seekers. There are also tips on writing better resumes and tailoring your resume to job descriptions.

Real Estate Agent Resume Examples

Years of Experience
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Tomas Santos
(123) 456-7890
123 Lincoln Street, Nashville, TN 54321


Licensed Real Estate Practitioner with nearly 5 years’ experience in a fast-paced, high-pressure work setting.

Key Skills

  • Buyer & Seller Needs Assessment
  • Client Networking
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Customer Relations & Service
  • Lead Generation
  • Property Appraisal
  • Real Estate Market Analysis
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Task Prioritization
  • Time Management

Professional Experience

Real Estate Professional, Alpha Beta Real Estate, Nashville, TN | July 2018 to Present

  • Use proactive marketing and networking to generate high-potential leads and build a robust client base
  • Educate buyers and sellers on all aspects of the housing market and property sales process
  • Continually hone market strategy by tracking which campaigns generate the most interest


  • Exceeded sales goals by ~15% annually

Retail Associate, University Bookstore, Murfreesboro, TN | September 2015 to June 2018

  • Gained strong foundation in sales and customer relations in a fast-paced environment

Education & License

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance (Real Estate), Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN | 2018

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Affiliate Broker, State of Tennessee | 2018

Amir Haddad
(123) 456-7890
989 Hamilton Road, Boise, ID 98765


Licensed Real Estate Agent with 9+ years’ experience in the Idaho commercial and residential property market. Skilled communicator who builds positive relationships with diverse buyers, sellers, and colleagues.

Key Skills

  • Contract Law
  • Cross-Team Collaboration
  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Microsoft Excel, Outlook
  • Multiple Listing Services
  • Project Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Task Prioritization
  • Valuation

Professional Experience

Real Estate Agent, BFG Realty, Boise, ID | March 2018 to Present

  • Help clients make informed decisions about buying, selling, and renting real estate
  • Provide expert advice based on close review of property taxes, zoning, value growth, and traffic volume
  • Maintain productive communication with buyers, sellers, colleagues, attorneys, and mortgage officers throughout the home buying process
  • Drive property sales via online marketing, advertising, open houses, and multiple listing services

Real Estate Agent, Idaho Real Estate, Nampa, ID | July 2014 to February 2018

  • Negotiated sale and lease of commercial properties up to 100K square feet
  • Analyzed market trends to determine and set competitive sales prices and lease rates
  • Found and recommended suitable locations based on close review of each client’s business needs
  • Built and maintained strong client relationships, achieving a 75% new business referral rate

Education & License

Associate of Applied Science — Marketing Communications, College of Western Idaho, Nampa, ID | 2014

Real Estate Salesperson, State of Idaho | 2020

Meili Chen
(123) 456-7890
123 Jefferson Avenue, Burlington, VT 78901


Licensed Real Estate Broker with 12 years’ experience in property markets across several states. Experience managing multiple development projects, including mixed-use residential and office spaces and commercial properties. Master’s Degree in Real Estate from Georgetown University.

Key Skills

  • Buyer & Seller Relations
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Federal & Local Real Estate Law
  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Management
  • Property Marketing Strategies
  • Targeted Resource Allocation

Professional Experience

Senior Commercial Real Estate Agent, BC Commercial Realty, Burlington, VT | March 2015 to Present

  • Facilitate meetings with lenders, architects, engineers, and property managers to ensure efficient, successful completion of projects
  • Negotiate lease terms and prices with each client


  • Drove targeted marketing campaigns that increased commercial real estate accounts by 32%
  • Contributed to commercial real estate transactions with ~$1.3M yearly sales volume

Real Estate Agent, CK Real Estate, Richmond, VA | July 2011 to February 2015

  • Guided all stages of commercial and residential real estate transactions
  • Regularly analyzed local property market to provide clients with expert advice on valuations and buying decisions


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  • Used novel marketing strategies (including events and social media) that helped increase offer prices by ~10%

Education & License

Master’s Degree in Real Estate, Georgetown University, Washington, DC | 2016

Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA | 2011

Real Estate Broker, State of Vermont | 2020

Common Key Skills and Action Verbs for Real Estate Agent Resumes

Highlighting key skills and action words can help your resume stand out to hiring managers and applicant tracking systems (ATS). An ATS scans each job application and evaluates it based on the keywords and phrases included that match the requirements of the position. Resumes with high matches are brought to the attention of the hiring manager, so the more keywords you include, the greater the chance of being invited for an interview.

Key Skills & Proficiencies
Ability to networkCompliance
Computer skillsContract knowledge
Customer service skillsFlexible
Interpersonal communicationKnowledgeable of federal and local laws regarding real estate
Lead generationLocal property market knowledge
Marketing knowledgeMath skills
Negotiation skillsPersuasion
ResourcefulSales skills
Social media skillsTrustworthy
Action Verbs

Tips for Writing a Better Real Estate Agent Resume

Quantify your real estate experience on your resume

Hiring managers can get a better idea of the scope of your skills if you use numbers to quantify your experience. In the professional experience section of your resume, you can include answers to questions such as “how many?” to demonstrate your abilities. Some examples of possible questions include:

  • How many sales have you made?
  • How many sales were at the asking price or more?
  • How many new clients have you brought in?

Example #1


Closed an average of 20 sales each year, with 85% receiving an offer at the asking price or higher


Closed multiple sales each year

Example #2


Used networking skills and lead generation expertise to introduce new clients to the company, increasing client acquisition rate by 15% annually


Brought in many new clients

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Feature your marketing abilities

High-level marketing skills allow real estate agents to present properties in a positive light and ensure prospective buyers learn about sales. Hiring managers are looking for employees who understand the importance of marketing to real estate sales and can use this knowledge to connect buyers and sellers. Make sure you highlight different marketing strategies you’ve used to sell properties. Don’t forget to showcase new marketing techniques that can reach buyers where they search, such as the internet and social media.

Example #1


Used proven marketing strategies and new technologies, including video tours, social media, search engine optimization and mail-out campaigns, to reach a wide range of buyers and get the best price for properties


Used marketing knowledge to sell properties

Example #2


Advised property owners on the marketing benefits of presentation and how to make properties more appealing to buyers, leading to an average 10% increase in selling prices above initial appraisal


Helped clients with presentation of properties

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How to Align Your Resume With the Job Description

Hiring managers develop job descriptions to determine the mix of skills required to be successful in the advertised position. This document generally describes the ideal job candidate and is a useful tool in crafting a resume. Including the skills and experience that you have that match the details in the job description can help you stand out from the crowds of other applicants.

If you’re not sure what to include, look for the requirements listed first or those mentioned more than once. These are typically the most important attributes. Compare your resume to the job description, and make sure it shows how you meet these key requirements. Using detail and focusing on your notable contributions can stop your resume sounding generic and help position you as an ideal candidate.

Example Real Estate Agent Job Description

ABC Realty is looking for a qualified real estate agent to buy and sell residential property for our business. The ideal candidate will have experience growing a customer base by generating leads, providing advice on market conditions and analyzing the market to develop competitive market prices. Strong customer service, organizational and communication skills are essential. A real estate license is a requirement for this position.


  • Generate leads to buy, sell and rent properties
  • Advise clients on market conditions, comparable prices and mortgages
  • Communicate with buyers to determine their needs and show appropriate properties
  • Present purchase offers to sellers and facilitate negotiations between parties
  • Analyze properties to develop competitive market price
  • Manage a list of real estate properties, including location, size and features
  • Maintain real estate license and knowledge of local market conditions and trends


  • Licensed real estate agent in good standing with the local Realtor board
  • Experience with sales
  • Good interpersonal communication and relationship building skills
  • Strong knowledge of the local residential property market
  • Possess a valid driver’s license

The job description shows that the ideal applicant should have the following attributes and experience:

  • Licensed real estate agent
  • Residential property experience
  • Sales experience
  • Ability to advise clients
  • Communication skills
  • Local property knowledge
  • Ability to generate leads
  • Ability to analyze properties

Take what you’ve highlighted in the job description and incorporate these key skills into your resume. Below is an example of how to showcase your matching skills and experiences to your advantage:

Real Estate Agent Work Experience Example

Real Estate Agent, LW Realty, Canton, OH

January 2016 – Present

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  • Advise clients of market conditions and closed an average of 60 residential property sales annually
  • Uselocal property knowledge to analyze properties and determine a competitive price
  • Communicatewith buyers to determine their needs and ensure they saw appropriate properties, leading to good customer relationships and regular referrals
  • Use targeted marketing campaigns to generate leads, growing customer base by 35% over two years
  • Stay up to date with local market conditions and federal and local property law and regulations, ensuring expert advice can be given and real estate license is maintained


How do I make a real estate resume with no experience? ›

When you write your resume for an entry-level job as a broker or agent, you should stress all your sales experience, both in and outside the real estate field. Include any internships or training you've had in the field, and point out your key accomplishments and willingness to learn and grow.

How do you write an objective on a resume for real estate? ›

How to write a real estate resume objective
  1. Review the job description to get ideas. ...
  2. State your current qualifications and skills. ...
  3. Define your career goals. ...
  4. Connect your qualifications to the employer.
Jan 22, 2021

How do I make an agent for my resume? ›

Here's how to write a talent agent resume:
  1. Include a resume header. Use the top of your resume to list your name and contact information. ...
  2. Draft a brief resume summary. ...
  3. Highlight your relevant work experience. ...
  4. Outline your strongest skills. ...
  5. List your academic history.
Dec 20, 2022

How do I brand myself as a new Realtor? ›

How to Build Your Personal Brand as a Real Estate Agent
  1. Find your value proposition.
  2. Identify ways to communicate that value proposition.
  3. Write a brand strategy.
  4. Be consistent.
  5. Get professional help.

What should a real estate agent resume look like? ›

Your real estate agent resume should include the following key elements: contact information, previous work experience, skills, and, finally, education and certifications. Make sure these are clearly labeled and easy to find.

What to put if I have no experience? ›

Best Things to Put on a Resume When You Have No Experience
  1. Professional summary (even if you have no experience in your resume)
  2. Key skills you've learned in school and other experiences.
  3. Education and academic achievements.
  4. Classes, training and certifications.
  5. Personal or academic projects relevant to the job.
May 16, 2019

What are some hard skills for real estate? ›

Hard skills are the technicalities of the trade like:
  • Analyzing the market.
  • Proficiency in a foreign language.
  • Local knowledge.
  • Real estate knowledge.
  • Research skills.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Qualifying prospects.
  • Time management.

What is a good objective sentence for a resume? ›

General career objective examples

To secure a challenging position in a reputable organization to expand my learnings, knowledge, and skills. Secure a responsible career opportunity to fully utilize my training and skills, while making a significant contribution to the success of the company.

What is the best resume objective statement? ›

Start with a strong trait, add 2–3 key skills, describe your professional goals, and say what you hope to do for the company. State the position to which you're applying and use the name of the company. Keep it short: 2–3 sentences or 30–50 words is the sweet spot.

What is the main objective for real estate company? ›

To purchase for resale and to trade in land and house and other immoveable property of any tenure and any interest therein, and to create, sell and deal in freehold and leasehold ground rents, and to deal in trade by way of sale, or otherwise with land and house property and any other immovable property whether real or ...

How do you sell yourself on a resume? ›

How to sell yourself on a resume
  1. Use professional contact information. The first step toward standing out when submitting a resume for a job application is to ensure you're providing employers with accurate and professional contact information. ...
  2. Narrow down your credentials. ...
  3. Keep it brief. ...
  4. Emphasize your strengths. ...
  5. Be honest.
Sep 30, 2022

What is a headline for a resume? ›

A resume headline is a concise introduction to your work experience, skills, and professional background. Having a good headline will encourage recruiters to look deeply into your resume. A resume headline can also allow you to bypass applicant tracking systems & ensure that your CV gets read by a recruiter.

What should I write in interest on a resume? ›

12 Top Hobbies and Interests to Put On Your Resume
  1. #1. Community Involvement. ...
  2. #2. Writing. ...
  3. #3. Blogging. ...
  4. #4. Learning Languages. ...
  5. #5. Photography. ...
  6. #6. Travel. ...
  7. #7. Sports. ...
  8. #8. Reading.
Feb 1, 2023

How do you answer tell me about yourself real estate? ›

To set the stage to describe yourself as a professional, the first part of your answer should give a general background overview of where you came from, and the different positions you've worked in that are relevant to the position up to this point in your career.

What is the best description for a real estate agent? ›

Real Estate Agents are professionals who help home buyers find and buy a new home or commercial space. They help them buy and sell homes and guide clients through negotiation processes to get top dollar for their property when selling.

How do new Realtors get leads? ›

How to Get Leads in Real Estate
  1. Build partnerships.
  2. Throw a housewarming party.
  3. Become a restaurant regular.
  4. Send a handwritten note.
  5. Leverage the internet to advertise.
  6. Advertise through more traditional media.
  7. Build your own website.
  8. Develop a niche.
Jul 8, 2022

How do I become a successful first year realtor? ›

Grit - How to Survive Your First Year of Real Estate
  1. Get Your Mind Right. ...
  2. Choose Your Broker and Your Mentors Carefully. ...
  3. Create a First-Year Budget. ...
  4. Learn Everything You Can About Your Market. ...
  5. Find Your Niche. ...
  6. Set S.M.A.R.T. ...
  7. Create an Effective Routine. ...
  8. Prospect.

How can I be a confident realtor? ›

Here are 11 tips for building confidence as a new real estate agent
  1. Remain Positive and Energetic. ...
  2. Find a Mentor. ...
  3. Never Stop Learning. ...
  4. Learn All You Can About Your Market. ...
  5. Designate Answers for Common Questions. ...
  6. Be Patient. ...
  7. Have a Clear Marketing Plan. ...
  8. Prepare for the Worst.
Oct 17, 2019

What are the best skills for a real estate agent? ›

Here are six soft skills real estate professionals need, including the ability to negotiate and communicate.
  • Communication. Communication may be the most important soft skill of them all. ...
  • Active Listening. ...
  • Social Cues. ...
  • Negotiation. ...
  • Patience. ...
  • Tactfulness.

What skills does an estate agent have? ›

Key skills for estate agents
  • Negotiation and selling skills.
  • Ambition, drive and charisma.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to maintain a positive relationship with clients and colleagues.
  • Strong organisation skills, as you may be dealing with more than one property at a time.

Do looks matter as a real estate agent? ›

In real estate where you are your own boss, nobody is going to tell you what to wear. Instead, it will be reflected in your income. Your appearance is the first impression. Real estate is a business based on meeting people and clients are going to feel more comfortable with agents who look the part.

How do you answer you don't have enough experience? ›

Using your own words, try something along the lines of: "I am interested in an entry-level position. I know I have much to learn, and I'm looking for an opportunity that will let me build a solid professional foundation. You say, 'Jump,' I'll ask, 'How high?

Why do you want this job? ›

I see this opportunity as a way to contribute to an exciting/forward-thinking/fast-moving company/industry, and I feel I can do so by/with my …” “I feel my skills are particularly well-suited to this position because …” “I believe I have the type of knowledge to succeed in this role and at the company because …”

How do you say I have no work experience? ›

You can create a killer no-experience resume by emphasizing your education instead. Include relevant internships, soft & hard skills, and projects. Other sections you can include on your resume are hobbies & interests, languages, certifications, or achievements.

What are the three most important things in real estate? ›

 If you have been involved in real estate for any length of time, you've heard it said that the three most important things when it comes to real estate are “location, location, location.” I've heard nationally-recognized experts say that over and over on national media.

What is the most important skill of a real estate sales agent? ›


The best agents will ask their clients relevant questions and actively listen, which is one of the top skills for real estate agents.

What is the hardest part of real estate? ›

The 5 Hardest Things About Being a Realtor
  • Uncertainty about real estate market. This is perhaps one of the biggest uncertainties realtors have to deal with on a daily basis. ...
  • Constantly being on the go. ...
  • Commission is by no means a guarantee. ...
  • Being underpaid for hard work. ...
  • Dealing with difficult clients.

What is personal strength in resume? ›

Resume strengths are things you're best at, traits or capabilities that make you excel at your work. Often they are talents that let you exceed expectations. Sometimes, they are even special abilities you may not be aware of, because they're part of who you are.

How many skills should you put on a resume? ›

You'll want to have anywhere between 5 and 10 skills in the skills section of your resume. Your resume's skills section is a key part of impressing a hiring manager and recruiter. It's important to tailor your resume to the specific job, and put any skills that the job description is asking for.

How do you start an objective sentence? ›

Each objective should begin with a verb that describes an observable behavior, such as "describe, summarize, demonstrate, compare, plan, score", etc.

How far back should a resume go? ›

Generally, experts recommend keeping about 10-15 years of work experience on your resume, but that guidance changes depending on your professional history. Your resume is one of the first things a potential employer sees about you.

Is it better to have an objective or a summary on a resume? ›

While objective statements are ideal for some job seekers, resume summaries work better for others. Each type of introductory statement highlights a different set of goals and serves a different purpose. And, for many job seekers, neither resume introduction statement will be the right fit.

What is a professional summary for resume? ›

A good resume summary is two to four sentences long and includes information on:
  • Your years of experience and job title.
  • 2-3 of your biggest achievements to date.
  • 1-2 of your top skills (that are relevant for the role)
Feb 1, 2023

Why did you choose to work in real estate? ›

Real Estate is Rewarding

Helping people with one of the biggest decisions of their lives is a big deal. For many people, a house is home, and carries a lot of emotion behind such a transaction. So, helping people with this process and achieving goals, buying or selling, can be incredibly rewarding.

What is the most important part of real estate? ›

Property Location

The adage "location, location, location" is still king and continues to be the most important factor for profitability in real estate investing. Proximity to amenities, green space, scenic views, and the neighborhood's status factor prominently into residential property valuations.

Why do you want a job in real estate? ›

From unlimited earning potential to the flexibility and freedom that the industry offers, to the ability to make a difference in the lives of others, the benefits of a career in real estate are seemingly endless.

How to describe yourself in 50 words? ›

I am creative and passionate about my work. I am always looking for new ways to express myself and I strive to create the best work possible. I am driven by my desire to design something beautiful and unique using my graphic design skills.

What to say to sell yourself? ›

How to Sell Yourself in an Interview
  1. Find Out Who You'll Be Talking To. ...
  2. Ask Good Questions. ...
  3. Practice Talking About Yourself. ...
  4. Study the Main Points You Want to Mention. ...
  5. Show Them That You're Excited About the Position. ...
  6. Give Examples of What You've Achieved. ...
  7. Keep the Needs of the Company in Mind.
Oct 10, 2022

How to write short and engaging pitch about yourself in resume? ›

Template: 'I am a talented and enthusiastic … with more than … years' experience in … I am currently seeking a … position to take my career to the next level.' I am a motivated and analytical project manager with more than 15 years' experience in the financial services industry, specialising in business lending.

What is the best title for a resume? ›

A good resume title often includes your target job title, your key skills, your qualifications, and/or your years of experience. You can also include your awards, industry, or specializations.

How do you write a good statement of interest? ›

Ideally, the statement will address (1) your interest in the field/industry/organization, (2) how the opportunity will help your career plans, and (3) demonstrate that you have a clear understanding of and specific interest in the organization or company.

How do you answer what are your interests? ›

How to answer “What are your hobbies and interests?”
  1. Identify the extracurricular activity. ...
  2. Highlight your skills, qualities or values. ...
  3. Relate the hobby or interest directly to the company. ...
  4. Use an example to show skills, qualities or values in action.
5 days ago

How do I explain my interest in a position? ›

Let's discuss what information you should include in your body paragraphs.
  1. Start with an introduction. ...
  2. Include recent skills you've developed. ...
  3. Describe your employment background. ...
  4. Explain why this job is the right fit. ...
  5. Research the company. ...
  6. Network.
  7. Learn your audience's name. ...
  8. Include versatile skills.
5 days ago

How do you announce a new real estate career? ›

Announce Your Status

Make sure to announce the accomplishment to everyone. Contact family, friends, and neighbors to tell them you are a new real estate agent looking to help people buy, sell, and rent properties. Get formal announcements printed to send to former business associates and local companies.

How can a new real estate agent be successful? ›

How To Become A Successful Real Estate Agent In 10 Steps
  1. Be Available.
  2. Set Goals.
  3. Have a Marketing Plan in Place.
  4. Become an Expert in Your Market.
  5. Build Relationships.
  6. Ramp Up Your Social Media Efforts.
  7. Implement Small Business Systems.
  8. Don't Only Focus On Selling.

What skills should real estate agents have? ›

Here are six soft skills real estate professionals need, including the ability to negotiate and communicate.
  • Communication. Communication may be the most important soft skill of them all. ...
  • Active Listening. ...
  • Social Cues. ...
  • Negotiation. ...
  • Patience. ...
  • Tactfulness.

What are the three most important things to you in real estate? ›

 If you have been involved in real estate for any length of time, you've heard it said that the three most important things when it comes to real estate are “location, location, location.” I've heard nationally-recognized experts say that over and over on national media.

What should a new real estate agent do in the first 30 days? ›

Speaking of the MLS, use the first 30 days as an opportunity to run real estate market reports to make sure you're aware of all current market conditions. At any given moment you should know how fast homes are selling, the average prices they're going for, the list-to-sales price ratios and more.

What is the most important thing for real estate agents? ›

Networking as a real estate professional is of the utmost importance. You'll work with many different people while selling homes, including investors, vendors, and inspectors. Keep their information, because you don't know when you could need someone to provide sage realty advice.

How do real estate agents get noticed? ›

15 Tricks To Get Noticed As A Real Estate Agent
  1. Use Social Media. ...
  2. Make Sharing Available. ...
  3. Keep up with Competition. ...
  4. Be Easy to Contact. ...
  5. Become Mobile-Friendly. ...
  6. Think About Becoming a Niche Service Provider. ...
  7. Introduce Yourself. ...
  8. Use Social Ads.
Feb 19, 2019

How do you introduce yourself as a new realtor on social media? ›

Update your profiles to add that you "work" at your brokerage, or even change your profile name to something like: Heather, REALTOR AT (XYZ Brokerage). Overall, start marrying your name and real estate together. We want people to think of real estate when they think of you!

How do new Realtors make money fast? ›

How New Real Estate Agents Start Making Money Fast
  1. Market Yourself With the Best Real Estate Companies. One of the most important things you can do is affiliate yourself with a recognized, reputable company. ...
  2. Work Open Houses. ...
  3. Network With Builders and Lenders. ...
  4. Build Your Brand and Be Professional.

What makes one real estate agent better than another? ›

Give Valuable Insight. A good real estate agent knows exactly what to look for and can give you valuable insight on your sale or purchase. During open houses, they'll be able to point out problems, benefits, or questions that need to be asked that you likely wouldn't have thought of.

What personality type makes a good real estate agent? ›

Top 11 Qualities of Successful Real Estate Agents
  • Personable. Being an extrovert isn't necessarily a key trait of successful agents, but being personable is. ...
  • Honest. ...
  • Good Communicator. ...
  • Enthusiastic Learner. ...
  • Effective Networker. ...
  • Detail-Oriented. ...
  • Tenacious. ...
  • Tech-Savvy.

What makes you stand out as a realtor? ›

Making a unique presence in your community with events, relevant virtual resources, and consistently great photography on your listings can make you really stand out as a real estate agent. Be sure to highlight unique features of your listings to curate experiences for your ideal buyers.


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