Living room curtain ideas to use for improving your room decor (2022)


Have you decorated your living room according to your taste or planning to redecorate? There is so much planning that ranges from wall décor to paint colors, rugs, and furniture that you might forget to look for living room curtain ideas.

Anyone who enters your living room immediately gauges your personality and style. Here you can be as bold or as timid as your personal taste allow. The living room curtains play a vital role in bringing together the entire décor of the room and an important part of styling.

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When you consider that curtains are a decorative and essential element, you want exceptional quality and functionality. While it plays an important factor in protecting your privacy and letting light in as well, the curtains can create coziness and add a unique style to the completed look.

When you decide on living room drapes choose its function first, which will make styling options easier. Curtain ideas include the insulation and dramatic change it offers a room as it is often a living room’s focal point.

Curtain Style

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Living room curtains come in many styles and you need to consider the windows and room style and size. If formal and structured are your taste or living room style, white panels with accompanying pelmets are great.

If traditional and romantic is more your style you can opt for living room curtain panels with a valence. Smaller living rooms or a single living room window will do great with a single panel while you can create symmetry and classic style with double panels.


When you hang the best curtains for your living room, you can make your room look bigger and enhance your décor too. You should base your living room window ideas on the following:

Measure the rod’s width from left to right. You want to keep in mind that the fullness of the curtain will determine the curtain width and not the rod or window itself. When you want a tailored look, the panel should be two to three inches wider than the window. If you prefer draped the curtain width should be three times the width of the window.

Before you purchase or hang curtains you should measure rod to floor. You must also take into account the hanging hardware or hooks and rings you will be using and the space you want between the floor and curtain.

Window Treatment Fabric

When you look for window treatment ideas for living room there is no shortage. Some fabric is much more suitable which would depend on climate, and window location. When you choose a heavier drape in the living room it will insulate against the cold for cooler regions.


Image source: Reflections Interior Design

When you love traditional and classic appearance excellent curtains styles for the living room include silk. Especially when it is a pleated and puddled style. they can either be hanged on their own without lining for extra light otherwise when privacy is an issue, line them first.


Image source: Annette English

Good contemporary curtains for a living room which are easy to clean and very versatile too is cotton. It is available in any style and color and can be both elegant living room curtains as well as formal living room drapes depending on the color and style you choose. If you are looking at this versatile living room curtain keep in mind it is a stiffer fabric that most fabrics too.

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Living room curtain ideas to use for improving your room decor (5)


Image source: Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Linen is good for casual living room windows and it is often sheer and light.


Image source: Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc.

When you want elegant curtains for living room with loads of luxury you should choose velvet.


Image source: Lauren Christine Henno

When privacy is not an issue and you want loads of light to enter the living room.

Living room curtain ideas to check out

We show you living room curtain ideas that you can incorporate below:

Layered Curtains

Image source: Atelier Interior Design

Excellent living room curtain ideas are the layered curtain style. It is appealing, practical, and functional.

Layered family room curtains ads additional insulation when you live in a colder climate, while adding depth too. When you want total privacy to close it entirely and when you want light streaming in, keep them open or partially open. When you are indecisive and do not want to have a specific color, it is a good option to match different patterns and colors.

Two-Toned lattice made to match

Image source: Atelier Interior Design

Curtain ideas that go well when you have two tones in your living room are to use two-toned lattice. The two-tone adds detail without a busy look when you have one of the colors in the fabric matching the primary color scheme of the living room.

Curtains for a living room in modern style

Image source: Lovejoy Interiors

Modern living room curtains could be various style combinations which are eclectic, minimalist and high-tech. It is the type of living room curtain ideas where you can create comfort perception, style, and individual style. Modern living room curtains offer individual simplicity and light colors. Modern styled curtains usually have eyelets or hinge straps.

These curtains are either making a design statement or are light and be compliant with the rest of the décor. It would be pristine and pure and manufactured using any material.

Curtains with a lambrequin

Image source: Lovejoy Interiors

Lambrequins are decorative and in front of curtains to hide the curtain rod. It has another purpose too which is to shift the proportion of the window and visually raising the ceiling. It could be either hard or soft and sewn directly onto the curtain if it is a soft lambrequin. A hard lambrequin, on the other hand, is fixed onto the wall and changes the window size.

Hang window scarves

Window scarves are not used as curtains but a creative element to existing curtains. It looks stunning and home décor stores will sell these scarves or you can use lightweight sheer fabric to create the desired effect. It is great when you want to decorate or jazz up a window where privacy is not an issue and you are not going to hang curtains either.

Country chic with sheer textured warmth

Pleated chiffon is very versatile and adds magnificent texture to a living room. You can bring the outdoors into your living room and sheer enough to act as a light diffuser.

Curtains for a living room in the classic style

Image source: HBuild

Classic curtains and drapes ideas use any fabric or texture while you can use any décor element with it too. When you want to go for a classic style it must be in compliance with interior texture and color or it would be unattractive and fragmented.

Bordered Damask

Image source: KDS Interiors, Inc.

When you are looking for ways on how to decorate a small living room with high ceilings and single tall windows, bordered damask is a great idea. If you use damask print with a geometric border it creates a dynamic that is between classic and modern.

Combine curtains with shades or blinds

Image source: Rajni Alex Design

When you have blinds or shades in your living room or want additional protection and privacy, you can still add a great focal point with living room curtain ideas. It could incorporate a variety of style ranging from contemporary curtains for living room to elegant living room curtains and more.

With blinds or shades, you have additional privacy and you can keep light at bay too. Keep in mind though that it must be appropriate, or it would be overwhelming and overdone. The curtains must match or blend in and avoid using too many patterns or it will look unnatural and messy.

Color blocking with neutrals and bright

Image source: Hudson Interior Design

When you have neutral color décor in your living room, you will be able to add curtains in brights which will become the focal point. You can use a combination of bright colors and neutrals too, but do it in thin panels that will not distract the eye from the overall room design.

High-tech style

Modern living room style in high tech is strongly influenced by industrial progress. High-tech ideas for living room curtains is purposeful and in this design style, everything has its place. It is a rather unpretentious and cold style, which gain popularity and in a high-tech style curtain, the window will be functional without décor.

Hanging living room curtains

There are several ways to hang curtains, but the safest options include:

  • A popular trend that makes ceilings look higher is to mount the curtain hardware below the ceiling and create the illusion of high ceilings design.
  • The traditional way is to place hardware a couple of inches above the window casing’s top.

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