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Homeowners invest in a quality kitchen for a good reason – it’s the heart of the house and can help increase property value. Whether you’re building one from scratch or fitting an in-law suite, make sure to compare multiple quotes from home addition companies near you to find the right pro for the job.

Average Cost to Build a Kitchen

Average Cost$65,000
High Cost$125,000+
Low Cost$5,000

Cost to Build a Kitchen by Location

The cost to build a kitchen by location averages about $62,000. The main floor of your home isn’t the only space you can transform. In-law suites, second floor studios and basement apartments are just a few of the locations you can move, build or construct your new space. Outside is an excellent area to spruce up, too. While different variables come into play here – like demolition or prep work – here’s an idea of what you’ll pay for each project.

Ground Floor & Second Floor Kitchens

A ground floor or second floor kitchen can cost up to $125,000, depending on factors like the size and type of work you get done. For example: if you have the right plumbing and electrical work already completed, you’ll save thousands. If you have to change the structure of your house at all – like removing a wall – you’ll pay significantly more. Custom work and high-end appliances also make the price go up.

Cost to Build a Kitchen in a Basement

A basement kitchenette costs about $45,600. If you have plumbing and wiring already installed, you can save thousands on your project.

Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen costs about $13,135 to install, or between $5,000 and $21,500. With luxury add-ons, the price can climb up to $100,000.

Adding a Kitchen in a New Addition or Outbuilding

You can pay anywhere from $5,000 to $125,000 to build in a new area of your home, or a separate structure on your property. Lower-ticket items, like a wet bar or kitchenette, only set you back a few thousand dollars. Large projects or custom work are more expensive. For context the cost to build a guest house averages about $55,000.

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Cost to Move a Kitchen

The cost to relocate a kitchen typically ranges from $20,000 to $40,000. If you’re updating an old kitchen, costs generally average about $25,300. You may pay more if you need to build an addition or guest house, which usually start around $45,000. Prep and demolition can also affect price, as well as plumbing, electrical and structural changes.

Kitchen Design Prices

Kitchen designers cost between $4,350 and $22,350, or about $160 per hour. Expect to pay more for complex designs or a larger space.

Installing Plumbing & Electrical

Generally, plumbing installation costs between $350 and $1,850. You’ll need to speak with plumbing for home addition pros and electrical installation contractors for a specific quote.

Fully Fitted Kitchen Prices

Here’s a look at what you’ll pay for various components of your project. Generally, you should expect to pay significantly more for custom work.

Kitchen Price Breakdown
TypeAverage Cost
Kitchen cabinets$1,900 - $8,350
Countertops$1,870 - $4,120
Kitchen islands$3,000 - $5,000
Flooring options$3 - $22 per square foot
Appliances$2,125 - $26,500
Sink & faucet$370 - $900
Kitchen exhaust fan$120 - $235
Garbage disposal$80 - $720
Kitchen doors$365 - $1,100
Garden windows$1,000 - $4,000

Kitchen Cabinet Costs

Kitchen cabinets cost between $1,900 and $8,350 , or about $5,000 on average. There are many different types and styles you can choose from, including whether or not you’ll use stock, semi-custom or completely custom materials.


Homeowners typically find countertop installation costs $3,000 , or between $1,870 and $4,120. As with cabinets, there are many different styles and types to choose from. If you aren’t sure where to start, think about what kind of function you want your countertops to have. Do you need heat-resistant or scratch-resistant materials? Are you more interested in something unique that needs more care, like soapstone? It’s completely up to you.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands cost between $3,000 and $5,000 , but can go as little as $100 or as much as $10,000 or more. Size, counter, cabinet material and features all play a role in the final price. If you’re looking for a truly affordable option, stand-alone islands are the way to go.


Flooring Options

Flooring installation costs between $3 and $22 per square foot. What you’ll pay largely depends on the size of your space and the type of material you use. For example, laminate flooring starts at $3 per square foot, while hardwood flooring starts at twice the price.


Typically, appliances cost between $2,125 and $26,500, including the cost of labor. Lower-end appliances are cheaper than custom or high-end pieces, and may not look as good. That being said, look into the functionality of different brands. You should be able to find reliable appliances within your budget that can save your money on your utility bill.

Sink & Faucet

Sink installation costs about $400 , while faucet installation costs about $250. Together, you can expect a bill anywhere between $370 and $910. Trendy or in-demand pieces, like modern farmhouse sinks, can cost more.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan

A kitchen exhaust fan costs between $120 and $235 to install. You may need to pay a little more if your systems needs new wiring, ductwork or a switch.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal installation costs between $80 and $720. Up for a DIY project? Expect to pay about $75.

Kitchen Doors

Interior door installation costs begin at about $370. Popular kitchen options, like saloon doors, range from $100 to $500. Talk to interior door installers near you to get a better idea of your unique project costs.

Garden Windows

Generally, garden windows cost between $1,000 and $4,000 to install. Vinyl tends to be more affordable. Wood is the most expensive, but offers the best insulation when compared to vinyl or aluminum. It’s easy to paint or stain to match your décor, and can lower your energy bill. One note: You do need to treat wood as it’s vulnerable to moisture and insect damage.

Modular vs. Custom Kitchen Costs

Considering a higher-end project? Custom cabinets cost between $500 and $1,200 per linear foot , while stock cabinets cost $100 to $300 for the same amount. These type of increases are expected with custom work, and it will dramatically increase what you pay. Factory-made modular features, like cabinets or appliances, are much less expensive than those made specifically for your space. Talk to a kitchen contractor near you about the details of your project, including what it will cost you to mix-and match modular and custom elements.

Kitchen Building Price Factors

Some of the most important decisions you’ll make when deciding to build a new kitchen include:

  • Where it’s located in or out of your home.

  • How big you’d like it to be.

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  • If you want custom fitted elements, like cabinets or a kitchen island.

  • The quality of the appliances.

  • How much it costs for preparation, demolition, electrical and plumbing work.

  • Building permit costs, which usually start at about $400.

Kitchen Remodel & Renovation Costs

Kitchen remodel costs range from $13,300 to $37,500. Many homeowners use the 5 to 15% rule to estimate and budget the right amount. Essentially, your full remodel shouldn’t cost less than 5%, or more than 15%, of your home’s value. This ratio will help you invest the right amount to get solid return on investment (ROI).

Other budgeting tips include:

  • Establish how you’ll finance the upgrade.

  • Set your budget before you start hiring pros.

  • Prioritize necessary upgrades, in case your budget runs out.

  • Save money with small DIY work.


What is the cheapest way to get a new kitchen?

If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional, here are a few low-cost ways to get what you want.

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  • Rearrange smaller appliances to change the aesthetic and create more space.

  • Install stock cabinetry for more storage – a cabinet installer near you can help!

  • Refinish your cabinets, either with professional help or DIY.

  • Brighten up the entire room with under-cabinet lighting.

  • Give the room a refresh with a new coat of paint.

  • DIY your own backsplash for an eye-catching and low-cost upgrade.

How much does an average fitted kitchen cost?

An average fitted kitchen costs anywhere from $5,000 to $125,000, when built from scratch. A remodel of an existing area costs between $13,275 to $37,500.

What does it cost to upgrade kitchen appliances?

The cost to upgrade kitchen appliances usually starts at about $2,125. Remember, it’s not all about the sticker price. As you’re shopping, consider how energy-efficient upgrades can save you money on your utility bill throughout the year.

How much does it cost to change a bar height to a counter height?

It costs between $12 and $35 per square foot to change a bar height to a counter height. What you’ll ultimately pay depends on several factors, including whether your bar is attached to a wall or not. Here’s a look at some costs that could go into a project like this:

  • Drywall demolition cost: $0.50-$1 per square foot.

  • Cost to replace drywall: $1.50-$3.50 per square foot.


  • Cost of countertop installation or replacement: $10-$30 per square foot.

Talk to a local kitchen contractor for help with a project like this one.


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