Interior wood trim and interior options (2022)

Interior wood trim and interior options (1)

Finished room

Wood of different breeds, this is one of the most favorite materials in the exclusive interior design that allows you to realize the most extraordinary and original solutions along with traditional styles. In modern repair has become very popular interior decoration of the apartment with wood.

Contents of the article

  • Wood species that are most often used in the interior
  • Wallpapers, panels and other types of decorative wall decoration
    • Using wooden wallpapers
  • Decorating with wood inside the blocks
  • How to finish inside

Wood species that are most often used in the interior of the

So, the first question that you will have to decide is what kind of finishing material will be used: coniferous or deciduous. At first glance, this stage may seem simple, but in reality everything is much more complicated, because your choice will depend on how successful the finish of the house is with the tree inside, and how long you can do without a second repair.

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In this case, mainly deciduous tree species are valued, such as:

  • Oak.
  • Ash.
  • Nut.
  • Maple.

The finishing of houses inside the tree is also carried out by some coniferous species.
Among them the most acceptable are:

  • Mahogany.
  • Pine tree.
  • Cedar.
  • Spruce

Once the selection of the tree category is made, you can start choosing a specific type of wood.
Here it is important to consider the following evaluation criteria and factors:

  • Availability of the required amount of material,
  • How it will be necessary to care for the safety of the finish coat,
  • How selected option meets all the requirements of the operating conditions for strength,
  • What is the cost of all the work associated with the finishthis very tree.

Attention! Next, you will have to decide also on what kind of activities will include interior trimming.

This work may include the following:

  • Siding installation( the price of work is from 300 rubles / square meter).
  • Installation of the Block House.
  • Simulation of the beam( 400 rubles / sq.m).
  • Installation of floor and ceiling coverings.
  • Cladding by clapboard slopes of windows and doors.
  • Installation of beams and flooring of a parquet board.

Wood trim inside the house assumes a large number of events, therefore, this list can include no other item. These processes represent a fairly large investment in the financial plan.
However, it's worth it. After all, it is natural wood that allows you to surround yourself with such details and interior objects that were created and honed by the most perfect designer.

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Wallpapers, panels and other types of decorative wall finishing

Interior wood trim and interior options (2)

Wooden wallpapers

Environmental problems in the modern world are more and more bothering people. Most of the finishing materials on the market today include components harmful to human health.

Tip. Therefore, regarding the issue of choosing the finishing materials for your apartment, take care that neither you nor your family and friends are harmed.

Advantage of wood trim:

  • One of the most environmentally friendly finishing materials is wood. Interior decoration of the house with a tree can be carried out almost everywhere - on the ceiling, on the walls and on the floor.
  • Wooden wall decoration in the room creates a special microclimate, in which it is very easy to breathe.
  • Wood, unlike many other finishing materials, very well contributes to the natural removal of moisture from the room.
  • In addition, it is natural wood panels, slats and other finishing elements that can neutralize the negative effect of man-made materials on man. But such products are in large quantities present in modern interiors.
  • And in addition to all the above advantages of wood, you can add that natural wallpaper in the room can bring the unique natural energy that the tree possesses.

Using wooden wallpaper

Interior wood trim and interior options (3)

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Wooden wallpaper in the interior

Decorating the interior of the house with a tree involves the use on the walls of natural wooden wallpaper.

For reference. The thickness of this material varies from 0.01 to 0.06 cm. The wallpaper can be made from a variety of tree species, one of the advantages of which is the ability to insert curved surfaces and create "seamless" walls.

Features of wooden wallpapers:

  • When glued with wooden wallpaper at the finish will get an unusual result, the appearance is not like the usual familiar interior, as after the usual wallpaper.
  • After all, the wooden wallpaper is unique. Each following roll has several differences from the previous one.
    The price of these materials is from 1 to 15 thousand rubles.
  • To ensure that the finish inside the house with a tree was carried out as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to use special glue for this.
  • The gluing process is almost completely similar to the same process, but with regard to paper or vinyl wallpaper. Therefore, you will be able to cope with this stage without any problems, and no video instructions will be needed here, although you can and will get acquainted.

But immediately after the wallpaper is on the ground( on the walls), you need to grease them with wax, oil or varnish as soon as possible. Thanks to this, the surface of the wood wallpaper becomes darker and richer in sunlight.

As each new piece of wallpaper will be unique, and the drawing will not be repeated, respectively, then even try to fit the sheets so that they fit together as fashionably better, it makes no sense. On the contrary, this nuance will allow us to really feel ourselves in the wild, where no repetitive element can be found.

Wood in the house inside the blocks

Interior wood trim and interior options (4)

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Block house in the interior

Amazing decorative properties, reasonable price and, of course, the ecological cleanliness of the material such as Block House( see Interior finishing block house: material features and installation) determine itpopularity as a practical and easy material in the decoration of their own hands of this or that inner room.
Various types of wood can be used for the production of these materials, but the most common are:

  • Pine
  • Larch.

The high degree of drying of the wooden block house ensures its durability and resistance to cracking.

Tip. However, it is worth remembering that in order for the interior of the house to be internal to the tree was not disposable, almost all materials must be pretreated with an antiseptic. This will prevent the penetration of walls, floors or ceilings of harmful organisms( fungus, decay, insects).

How to finish inside the

Finishing the house inside the tree with your own hands can be done by the block house you need to pre-prepare the surface. This implies the need for its alignment and the construction of a special frame under Block House.

  • The instruction for laying this finishing material assumes that the panels must first be held in the room conditions for at least 2 days.
  • During this time, you can do all the preparatory work. Alignment is necessary only when the wall is brick, concrete or stone.
  • If it is wooden, the alignment will occur in parallel with the construction of the frame under Block House. In the first case, it is recommended to use plaster and a primer.

For this you will need:

  • Cement.
  • Sand.
  • Water.
  • Spatula.
  • Grout.


  • The cement with water is diluted in a proportion of 1: 2, after which sand is added to the mixture, the amount of which is 3 times the amount of cement.
  • After the plaster solution is ready, it is necessary to scrape it onto the wall with a spatula and smooth it with a trowel.
  • In order for the mortar to stick better to the wall, it is recommended to moisten it with water. Grout should also be moist, so put a nearby basin or some other container of water.
  • As you can see, there is nothing difficult at the first stages, but if something is not clear, it's better to watch a video in which everything is depicted on a concrete example.
  • For the construction of the frame you will need wooden bars, section no more than 30 mm. Previously, the wall can be applied heat insulation( glass wool, foam rubber, foam).
  • To the wooden wall of the beams either nailed or screwed with screws, and for brick walls only the second option is possible.
  • This decoration of the house by a tree inside is carried out both horizontally and vertically. And in the first, and in the second case, the step between the bars will be half a meter.
  • Depending on how you intend to install Block House, you will need to attach frame bars.

The immediate decoration of the walls in Block-House apartment is carried out from the bottom upwards, from the initial bar. Each panel is attached to the frame by means of screws, each of which must be recessed into the board by 2 mm.
Thanks to this, then you can zadekorirovat hat self-tapping plug.


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