Best interior design software of 2022 (2022)

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Best interior design software of 2022 (1)

The best interior design software makes it simple and easy to bring stunning ideas to life on you computer, in your browser, or on the go.

We’ve all been there. You have an image, a vision, a picture in your head - but it’s just so difficult to explain how you want your rooms to look. Nothing looks quite right.Room planner apps like these are great for communicating all your ideas and creativity before calling in the professionals to make your dreams a reality.

Home interior design programs tend to be easy to use and do a lot of the heavy lifting for you (they’re a lot more fun than just sketching out your thoughts, too).

One of the best interior design software features is the ability to fill your space with all sorts of furniture, then explore the rooms virtually or even print photo-realistic renders of them.

Of course these interior design tools won’t replace meticulously designed plans that are up to spec and will pass a local authority inspection. But they can help you create an accurate mockup of what you can achieve in your house, or even the creation of an entire building.

We researched and tested each program to assess ease of use, price, special features, and lots more. We've also reviewed the best architecture software and the best landscape design software, so you can make made-to-measure mock-ups before you commit to a project.

Let your creativity take over and become a pro interior designer with the best home interior design apps.

Create designs built to last with the best graphic design software.

What interior design software is best?

Best interior design software of 2022 (2)

1. Floorplanner

The best interior design tool in your browser


Pricing model: Free, Subscription

Operating system: Browser

Reasons to buy


Works great


Easy to use




Numerous customization options

Reasons to avoid


Some limitations with the free account

Floorplanner is an online interior design app for individuals and companies, letting you redesign everything from a single room to an entire floor, or even a whole building. You can also plan out how your furniture will fit in your new home.

This is a web-based home interior design tool, so you can achieve dazzling designs through the browser. There's also online collaboration for editing and presenting projects in the cloud.

In our hands-on review, we felt the best home design software "is an excellent online service, designed to help you create rooms and furnish them with great accuracy. Working with it is fluid and easy, and we didn’t observe any discernible glitches. The fact there’s a free option means many amateur designer will happily use it to configure a room, but there are limitations to that option."

Working in Floorplanner is fluid and simple - allowing you to create and furnish rooms with real accuracy. Best of all, if your needs are modest, using the program is free.

That makes it ideal for amateur designers or those learning the art of interior design. If you find the free account too limiting, there are several subscription options available to you. Business pricing starts at $59 a month for teams. Individual pricing starts at $5.

You’ll also find a credit system, similar to ones found in subscription services like Audible. As you earn credits, you can unlock extra features not typically associated with your plan.

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Best interior design software of 2022 (3)

2. HomeByMe

The best interior design app for on-the-go


Pricing model: Free, Subscription

Operating system: Browser, Android, iOS

Reasons to buy


Simple to use


Huge customisation


Can design an entire house for free

Reasons to avoid


3D pan can make some objects temporarily disappear


Long rendering times for low res photorealistic images

HomeByMe is one of the best interior design apps for when the ideas are racing. It’s browser-based - even mobile browsers are supported - and has Android and iOS apps, so you can map out thoughts for your home whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

Since the interior design tool is cloud-only, you’ll need to stay connected to use it.During our time with the home design software, we were impressed that "HomeByMe offers a very affordable service with a myriad of options. We particularly appreciated the fact that the free plan doesn’t appear to limit your design options, and lets you work on up to three different projects."

However, we were less impressed with the time it took to render low-res images. Worse, we found "the free account pastes a giant watermark all across the image, rendering the effect pointless. The HD images are rendered in minutes, and don’t have that watermark."

The platform offers three packages: free, one-time purchase, and monthly subscription. It’s a good way to see which works for you, as the free plan doesn’t appear to limit your design options, and lets you work on up to five projects.

The limit on the number of HD photorealistic images (1920x1080px) is somewhat compensated by offering an unlimited number of lower quality ones (640x360px). You can also place real-world, branded products in your rooms for extra realism.

HomeByMe has a lot to offer. If you’re not too fussed about those images, you can explore and create very complex designs with ease.

Read our full HomeByMe review.

Best interior design software of 2022 (4)

3. Chief Architect Home Designer Suite

The best interior design software for serious enthusiasts


Pricing model: Subscription, Perpetual license

Operating system: Windows, Mac

Reasons to buy


Easy to learn and multi-platform


Limitless possibilities

Reasons to avoid


Can appear daunting at first


Additional items aren’t free


3D views don’t always respond as expected

Home Designer Suite delivers professional-style interior design tools - which makes it powerful but also increases the learning curve. It’s not too steep as to be unnavigable, although it might overwhelm first-timers.

If you’re looking for meticulous planning, precise editing and customizing tools, and everything else, right down to the material required for specific jobs, this is the best interior design software for you.

We praised the home design software in our review for its "highly detailed customisation options while at the same time, automating many processes to ease the creation process. It’s a great balance that help you create detailed environments quickly and easily."

The interior design program is very full featured. You have full control over pretty much everything, including landscaping your dream garden. Despite its apparent complexity, there are many automatic tools that do a lot of the work for you, enabling you to focus on the details, to turn a design into a house.

Available for both Mac and Windows, you have in your digital hands everything you need to build the home of your dreams - virtually.

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Best interior design software of 2022 (5)

4. NCH Software DreamPlan

The best interior design program for home modification


Pricing model: Subscription, Perpetual license

Operating system: Windows, Mac

Reasons to avoid


Not all objects installed initially

DreamPlan is the best home design software if you want powerful tools and simplicity of use.

The interior design program, out for Windows and Mac, helps you create buildings on multiple levels, furnish them with a library of 3D models, and customize homes inside and out. Yes, that even includes landscape design. It’s built to let you easily make modifications and alterations.

But, in our review, what we really liked about one of the best home design software tools is that it's "designed to make it easy to make modifications, and even goes out of its way to help you understand the app’s inner workings."

Trace Mode will be especially handy for those with existing floorplans. These can be imported into the home design software and turned into a 3D model.

DreamPlan features commercial and home licensing options - priced at $50 and $40 respectively, but check for regular discounts. So, it has a powerful enough toolset to use on a professional basis. But it’s intuitive enough for beginners.

For those just starting out with the best interior design software, the built-in video tutorials help you understand the inner workings of the app - just look for the subtle blue camera icon.

Read our full DreamPlan review.

Best interior design software of 2022 (6)

5. MagicPlan

The best home and interior design app for pros


Pricing model: Subscription

Operating system: Browser, Android, iOS

Reasons to buy


Easy to use


Free mobile app


Two free projects


Professional Report and Estimate tools

Reasons to avoid


AR appears to struggle when furniture is in the way

MagicPlan is one of the best interior software kits for busy creatives and contractors.

When we reviewed the home design app, we liked its "easy to use features, an interesting AR option, and an original way of generating estimates for work needed to be done. The monthly subscriptions could pay for themselves if designing if your business, and it also offers you two free projects for casual users to explore as well."

Like HomeByMe, it lets you build designs from your browser, or within the Android and iOS apps. The free solution lets you design two projects. A monthly subscription is needed to unlock MagicPlan’s full capabilities.

You’ll find three tools in one: Sketch, Report, and Estimate. Essentially, tiered subscription packages that offer additional features.

Sketch lets you create interior designs - and, for home users, that’s likely enough. Professional designers will appreciate the inclusion of reporting and estimating tools. Enterprise licensing is also available.

One of the best interior design software tools here is the AR-enabled ‘Scan with Camera’. This lets you scan and measure the room you’re in - although we suspect this augmented reality feature would function a lot better in an unfurnished space.

Read our full MagicPlan review.

Best interior design software of 2022 (7)

What is interior design software?

Home interior design software helps you visualize a space, allowing you to experiment with decor, design, furniture, and more. It's also an excellent tool for explaining design concepts and sharing your ideas with others.

The best interior design software packages can now create a model of your space simply by scanning the room with a camera.

How to choose the best interior design software for you

When selecting which interior design software is best for you, start by assessing your needs. If you’re designing the layout and decor of your own home, free interior design apps and browser-based programs will likely meet all your needs.

Professional interior designers and more demanding enthusiasts will appreciate the many advanced features offered by programs like MagicPlan and Chief Architect. Time and cost-savings mean the software will pay for itself. However, the easy user interface of both make them a good choice for beginners looking to develop their skills.

Time is a considerable factor. Even some of the best interior design software takes a long time to render concepts, especially when using photorealistic images. It’s a natural price to pay for high-resolution 3D designs. For some, speed may trump quality.

Check the price (and pricing model), too. Some options, like HomeByMe, offer free, paid-for, and subscription versions of its home design software. Others offer only one pricing model, so choose the one that best suits your creative budget.

How we test the best interior design software

When testing the best interior design software, we’re looking to see how easy the experience is, how powerful the tools are, and how well the software performs. Designing in 3D can often take its toll on computers, after all.

Asset library sizes are a factor - interior design tools should make your creative ideas a reality, not just a loose approximation. We’re also reviewing these design apps based on use. Unlike consumer software, professional-grade tools offer more advanced features, but might also have steeper learning curves and more expensive pricing models.

Essentially, when we test the very best interior design software for ourselves, we expect to see it work for its intended audience - whether their professional interior designers or creative enthusiasts.

See how we test, review, and rate products on TechRadar.

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Best interior design software of 2022 (8)

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