8 Interesting Interior Window Trim Ideas (2022)

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What is Window Trim?

When it comes for the interior of your home, one of the essential features is to choose the appropriate window trims or casing for the personality add to the look. Though they are accessible in different designs, they almost provide you with the same functioning and protection. They usually help prevent air leakages. They set the right frame to your room decor. Today, we are discussing about interior window trim.

Trimming of windows is a pretty casing design. It was use for older houses as they laid flat against the interior walls. The trim of the windows is custom made of a single layer of blend material. Sometimes wood with simple stool moulding is support by a pinafore surround on the bottom edge of the window.

Interior Window Trimming is all about giving the nod to the sentiments of you elders. Who for years have taken great pain to craft the ultimate appealing windows.

And in today’s world, there are thousands of different styles for window trimming. Let’s see how many different types we have for your interior window trimming!

Outward Bound

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There are few homes where the walls are very loud, and if the windows open inward, the look may not be appropriate. So it looks advisable to have lightly shad window frames and hinge the windows to the exterior side of the wall. So that the interior does not get cover with the structure of the windows.

Cove and Bead Casing

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This is a traditional casing design that applies a one-piece outline for the edges and four pieces to make up the header. So there is one end trim, bead casting on the bottom and the top. Cove casting under the bead releasing on the top and then a one to four under that. Later once again, a podium block is use to design and support a much traditional look.

Colonial Style Window Casing

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In this type of design, it is often seen in Colonial Houses of the United States. It is the fundamental single piece baseboard with a back band that presents a casing between the two beautifully design edges. To install this making, you can use rosettes or mitres at the top and against the border at the bottom. A plinth block is a standard finish for this finish and creates a look to you with a neat and clear smoother transition to floor and baseboard.

Combination Casing Design

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This design includes single piece baseboards and back band fusion and doesn’t fit for just a particular style—the top feature of a bed crown design and a bead casting. The heads are cut on the ends, and the edges and the creativity can be design using wide and broad finish boards. This is perfect for homes that have ceilings or large size rooms.

Victorian Casing Design

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The design is elaborate than the other two more traditional methods we have mention earlier. It is a design that is usually discover in Victorian Style homes across the world. It consists of around casting and back band casting with lumber. To create this trimming, you take one of the halves around already prior construction. The edges and the crown are attach using rosette blocks.

Picking Out Between Painted and Stained Interior Window Trimming Ideas

Selecting between stain or paint trim depends entirely on the interior décor of the space, natural light, personality and taste, and the style of your home. Stain trimming is the superior choice that can give a natural homey vibe or can turn out to be the best match for your craftsman and creatively style homes.

But turning on the tone, it may minimize your wall colour and shade choices. Paint trim with white and off white can allow you to show a large space and bright surrounding, and can best fit with any of the wall colours and shades.

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Stain wooden work may catch up better in comparison to regular use and function without any damage. Both paint, and stain requires proper maintenance base on their benefits and functionality.

Painted Trim for Interior Windows

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Dark Window Trim:

Dark trim, especially the black ones look impressive and elegant with modern style homes. These interior window trims can turn out to cover up with the stains as well.

Dark window trim brings a good depth and proportions to the room and can be an attractive framing to the windows if it is a perfect contrasting shade and colour.

For a royal and rich look, you may contemplate black charcoal stains with pine wood to let the wood grain gleam through for extra touch and profundity.

Light-coloured Window Trim:

Window casings and White trim are the choices of modern style homes. White can furnish contrast to valorous and loud colours, or a compose and a capacious look with light, cool and white colours.

Designers and creators consider white trimming and casing to be classic because of its fresh, clear and robust appearance.

White windows with white trims give a peaceful and bright vibe. And on the other side, the white border with a black window frame offers a classy and robust contrast which also gives the overall room and space a very classy, modern and elegant look.

White need not be a proper classic white, you can choose a shade of white whether it is bright white, off white, linen white, or prime white, it can be any shade of your choice.

Stained Trim Interior Windows

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You have stain trims best fit when you select a wooden piece which contrasts and collaborates with the other wooden furniture in your home. Pine and Oak can be the perfect choice for your wooden interior window trim or casing.

Oak has a feature of stable and firm wood with an elucidate grain pattern, which is very popular for homeowners for its functional and flexibility.

Pinewood has a magnificent grain and is very appropriate for staining or painting to get a sound effect. Stain shades for wooden trim can be in light, medium or dark timber.

For bringing warmth in the room, leave wood trim and casing with an inborn varnish that can bring out the texture and grains of the wood.

Trim Colours

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With some designers and house owners, they strive to make the trim and casing look and blend with the abutting walls. To execute that, the creative designers and decorators get them paint as the same shade or colours of the walls.

For a classy look, decorators shade and colour those in a contrasting colour with the walls, so that they can stand out and give a modern and elegant look.

It can be a unique look for Victorian Style Homes with intricate wooden craft and works.

If planning to get your windows trim and case a personalize look, you can get them prime for painting.

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Styles for Your Interior Window Trims

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Window casing styles vary and differ from classic to modern. Simple to classy all kinds of patterns and styles are available with the designers in the market. Choose a type to fit your personality, which best suits the interior and architecture of your home. The one which completely blends with any crown, moulding, crafting baseboards, and railings of the chairs.

Ranch Style – very traditional and relax style of casing. This has the best feature it neither completely stands nor blends in thoroughly with the other elements of the room and your home.

The Provincial Style – efficient and sullen yet classic and elegant. This style best fits for those homes that have a very intricate and classy design.

This is mostly very common for country style homes and thus is very popular and share in the United States. They usually choose brick or stone designs for their casings.

The Craftsman Style – this is very different as tailor and simple style. Though it was multi-layer and thick, they can be the best multi-piece trim. Best out of all them are present and design with clean and simple lines.

Craftsman style is simple, yet the most elegant look you can adopt for your home. They are even straightforward to maintain and change if need.

Colonial Style – These trims are suppose to be more unique and precisely detail. Colonial trims are usually include with wider baseboards with options of crown mouldings, extra pieces, and multi-piece trims.

This can be best if you want your wooden work to stand out and be the central focusing area in your home.


So here we have present proper research, you must do while deciding what kind of Interior Wooden Trim Style you should do which can best fit your home. Always remember while choosing your interior window trim to choose it base on your personality. Natural light in your room and home, colours of the wall, architecture of your home, and mainly the space you have for your rooms.

It would be best if you remember that usually, window trim stands out from the other interior of your room. So you must choose the correct option for your space. Or else, it can turn out to be a disaster.

With this, we hope that you could find out the best fit for your room and if this blog has been helpful to you do share it to all the people who are looking for a classy Interior Window Trim for their homes.

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What are the different types of window trim? ›

Start with the most common and easy to find. DiMartino identifies four common styles: flat, colonial, fluted and ranch.

How do I choose interior window trim? ›

Try to match the feel of each room and scale your window trim to size. Choose colors based on wall color: If you want your window to blend seamlessly with the wall, then choose the same color for your trim as your walls. Some homeowners prefer a contrasting look to show off their trim and make their windows stand out.

What is the purpose of window trim? ›

Window trim is necessary to every exterior. Because trim helps cover the edge between siding and the window frame, it helps to keep out the elements and protect your home. Additionally, trim helps complete the look of your home, regardless of what it's style, or the material you're siding it with.


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