5 Best Commercial Real Estate CRMs Of 2022 (Free & Paid) (2022)

Want to cut right to the case? The best commercial real estate CRM right now is HubSpot

Building a valuable, trustworthy relationship with your clients is what will keep them coming back for more. In the world of real estate, a solid customer base can make or break your career.

This is why CRM programs are so important.

CRM, or, customer relationship management, is a platform used to manage all threads of communication between both real estate agents, and clients.

Not only do customer relationship management programs help improve communication with your clients, but CRMs also speed up the sales process, enabling you more free time to help more customers.

With many different types of real estate CRM platforms out there, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 commercial real estate CRM’s so you can utilize this practice to the fullest.


  1. HubSpot: Best overall commercial real estate CRM
  2. Pipedrive: Best commercial real estate CRM for managing leads
  3. ZenDesk: Best commercial real estate CRM for boosting sales
  4. MondayCRM: Best commercial real estate CRM for easy client relationship management
  5. Capsule: Best cloud-based commercial real estate CRM for strengthening client relationships

1. HubSpot: Best overall commercial real estate CRM:


  • Basic Plans: Free
  • Premium Plans (Sales Hub):
    • Monthly:
      • Starter: $50/month
      • Professional: $500/month
      • Enterprise: $1200/month
    • Annually:
      • Starter: $540/year
      • Professional: $5400/year
      • Enterprise: $14,400/year

Since HubSpot is entirely cloud-based, there is no complicated setup process. With their integration of free tools to help real estate agents manage and qualify leads, and their basic marketing features, HubSpot has been awarded best overall real estate CRM on many platforms.


  • Integration with both Gmail and Outlook
  • Email scheduling, tracking, templates, and notification s
  • Management tools for deals, task delegations, and contacting clients
  • Document sharing ability
  • In-app calling enabled
  • Live chat with clients


  • Ability to manage Facebook and Instagram
  • Dashboard metrics available
  • Up to 1 million contacts can be added
  • Unlimited users can access
  • A free version is available


  • The most useful features require payment
  • No phone customer support with a free version
  • Limited integrations, email templates, and forms
Try Hubspot

2. Pipedrive: Best commercial real estate CRM for managing leads


  • Monthly:
    • Essential: $18.00/month
    • Advanced: $33.00/month
    • Professional: $59.00/month
    • Enterprise: $120.00/month
  • Annually:
    • Essential: $150.00/year
    • Advanced: $288.00/year
    • Professional: $600.00/year
    • Enterprise: $1200.00/year

Pipedrive real estate CRM has been chosen as one of the most functional, and user-friendly customer relationship management programs for managing present and potential leads. With Pipedrive’s “Smart Data Search” users have the ability to instantly recall information about a particular client associated with an email address. This is just one way Pipedrive uses simplicity to keep clients happy and build a loyal customer base.


  • Organization of leads by stage
  • Sales reporting
  • “Smart Data Search”
  • Easy deal status update
  • Users can trigger an automatic email to be sent after a stage in a deal has changed
  • Customizable


  • Simple to use
  • Sync with Google contacts
  • Library full of customization options for integration
  • Easily manage clients through follow up call prompts, and the ability to contact conversions
  • Real time notifications showing when a client opens an email, or clicks a link, enabling a user to know if a lead is maturing


  • Some integrations with Legacy systems are not possible
  • No ability to make calls over solely an internet connection
  • No free version

3. ZenDesk: Best commercial real estate CRM for boosting sales


  • Suite Team: $50/per agent (billed annually)
  • Suite Growth: $80/per agent (billed annually)
  • Suite Professional: $100/per agent (billed annually)
  • Suite Enterprise: $150/per agent (billed annually)

ZenDesk provides two platforms for real estate agents. ZenDesk Suite, that focuses on customer support and ZenDesk Sell, that focuses on the sales aspect of real estate. Boosting sales, and increasing a loyal client base is easy with ZenDesk. Their impressive reputation for easily storing and managing each and every conversation with a client provides a way for users to get excellent customer service to potential and present buyers.


  • Automated chatbots
  • Automated workflows
  • Built-in reporting tools
  • Automated call recording
  • Dialer with texting support
  • Excellent mobile app for both Android and iOS


  • App marketplace with enormous selection of integrations available
  • Customer contact is #1 priority
  • Each tier includes automated chatbots
  • Built-in guides to help users navigate software


  • ZenDesk Sell and ZenDesk Suite are distinct and priced separately
  • No all-in-one pricing solution for bigger businesses
  • Can be expensive

4. MondayCRM: Best commercial real estate CRM for easy client relationship management


  • Individual: Free
  • Basic: $18/month (billed annually)
  • Standard: $30/month (billed annually)
  • Pro: $66/month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: Contact is required

MondayCRM allows real estate agents to easily manage their client relationships. Through their integration with Google calendars, you never have to worry about missing a meeting again. Each department within a real estate company is easily able to collaborate, creating a smooth workflow and overall great experience for the client. Through all of their customer service centered features, MondayCRM puts client satisfaction at the forefront.


  • Prioritize leads
  • Large amount of storage for customer information
  • Ability to centralize ALL communication an agent has had with a client such as what topics were covered and when, in one efficient data board.
  • Easy record keeping of interactions with clients – emails, phone calls, text messages, meetings, demos, showings, and more – all in one centralized location
  • Ability to see when an email is read by a client
  • Invoices and quotes can easily be automated and sent
  • Customization of boards


  • With client’s information and contact activity, agents can see a more comprehensive view of customer interactions
  • Simple, clean interface
  • Automated emails can be created
  • Stunning visuals
  • 14-day trial


  • Pricing structure is per user, (with a minimum required) per month, billed annually: this can get confusing for users
  • No automated sales tools
  • No automated reporting when teams collaborate

5. Capsule: Best commercial real estate CRM for businesses that want simplicity and little training


Free for 30 days, and then:

  • Enterprise: $54/per user/ per month
  • Teams: $36/per user/per month
  • Professional: $18/per user/ per month

Capsule CRM is beneficial for any real estate agent that wants to hit the ground running without dealing with the fancy bells and whistles of other platforms. Minimal training is required to operate this incredibly simple, user friendly software. It’s entirely possible to have your entire team of agents knowledgeable on Capsule’s interface by the end of the day. With their ‘top bar’ menu, the software is left uncluttered and easy to navigate.


  • Ability to capture leads
  • Schedule follow up calls and check ins
  • Export a business card for any lead
  • Import contacts from a spreadsheet into app
  • ‘Add Task’ sidebar: allows users to add follow up tasks easily
  • Library of integration options
  • Provides all basic functions for sales teams


  • Simplicity and ease come first
  • Ability to share leads and collaborate with other agents
  • Attach documents to leads with no maximum
  • Many features are able to be done on the fly


  • Missing some key features found in more in-depth CRM platforms
  • Pricing can get confusing
  • No marketing-specific features
  • Integrations options are more limited than other CRM platforms

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many real estate agents use a CRM?

Though the numbers may vary depending on which source you’re looking at, HubSpot conducted a survey and found that out of the nation’s top 40% of real estate agents, almost all of them (95%) utilized the benefits of a CRM.

How Does CRM Help Real Estate?

There are many ways customer relationship management software can help real estate agents. In general, a real estate CRM system helps agents manage potential leads, efficiently keep in contact with current clients, generate new leads, manage contact information, upload various documents and contracts, manage appointments and showings, and provides easy access to various real estate websites, enabling an up to date list of properties available.

What Questions Should I Consider When Choosing a CRM?

With such a variety of CRMs on the market, there are a few questions to ask yourself when choosing the best fit for your business:

  1. How can I generate more real estate leads with this CRM?
  2. Can this CRM help increase my proactivity?
  3. Will this CRM help me to achieve more, in less time?
  4. How will this CRM help me manage and track lead opportunities?
  5. How can this CRM help me simplify my real estate business?
  6. Does this CRM utilize automation?
  7. Does this CRM help enhance collaboration and teamwork among agents?
  8. Will this CRM allow me to view my clients information easily?

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