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Thirty One Everyday Essential Tote Vs Zip Top Organized Utility Tote ZOUT

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My kids and I have had summer pool passes since they were toddlers. Its a lot of fun, but getting kids to the pool is HARD.

Have you ever tried to carry 4 towels, snacks & drinks for the day, swim goggles, AND flip-flops?

Do you ever see those moms who have it all together at the pool? Theyre dressed in a sunhat and flowing cover-up dress and carrying one of those rectangular totes full of healthy snacks.

Im there giving the put-together moms the suspicious side-eye behind my Dollar Store sunglasses. Meanwhile, my pretzels are getting crushed under the towels in my Target bag.

If you figure out how to make a trip to the pool with kids look effortless, please let me know! In the meantime, I was wondering about those handy utility tote bags that I spotted around the pool.

Most of those totes I saw are Thirty-One Gifts Large Utility Totes. But, like many MLM products, their prices are absurd.

Thankfully, it turns out there are plenty of less expensive alternatives!

Small Tote Bag With Zipper

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Questions Weve Got Answers

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    Vegan Leather Tote Bag With Lots Of Pockets And Structure: Universal Thread Hayden Tote Handbag

    The Universal Hayden Tote Bag is a great choice for anyone who doesnt want to drop their entire paycheck on a genuine leather tote bag.

    Buying Options

    What wed use it for:

    The Universal Thread Hayden Tote Handbag is the bag wed bring to a fellowship straight out of collegeits faux leather belies its affordable price.

    Why its great:

    The Universal Thread Hayden Tote Handbag is a vegan leather bag, and its a great leather-style option if you avoid leather goods or want the leather look but dont want to carry leather made from cowhide. It has more pockets than many of the totes we tested: If the Cuyana tote is the most impractical design pocket-wise, the Hayden may be the most organizationally practicaland reasonably pricedleather-style tote we tested. Its size allows it to sit comfortably on the shoulder, and it can fit a variety of goods underneath its top zipper, too.

    The Hayden Tote Handbag is 11¼ inches wide and 13½ inches tall. Both of its leather-style brethren in this guide are much wider and taller, but they typically cost at least five times as much. It has one open pocket on the outside and three interior pockets hidden below a top zipper, an added-security feature that we liked.

    Pockets and organization:

    Flaws but not dealbreakers:

    Testers noted that its straps werent strong, its stitching threatened to come loose, and it might wear out after a year of use.

    Tote Bags We Didnt Like

    31 Tote Bag With Zipper - HandbagsGuide.net (1)

    We were drawn to the Baggu Giant Pocket Totes splashy selection of patterns and cool front pocket design. Unfortunately, this tote was hilariously big and baggy and had not even a wisp of structure, so it crumpled as soon as we emptied it. The denim design that we tested looked as if a pair of very large jeans had been torn apart, restitched, and sold under a guise of usefulness. It was not useful.

    The Dalix Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas Tote had notably weak stitching, despite being one of the most popular tote bags sold on Amazon. It was structurally similar to the L.L.Bean Boat and Tote, at just a third of the price. But if you want something that will last for a while, we recommend saving up for the L.L.Bean instead. One of our writers and testers told us, I know that L.L.Bean has really high quality standards, and a great warranty policy. I can tell, touching the Dalix, that its not as nice.

    We found that the Herschel Terrace Tote was too big and baggy for everyday use: Multiple times we smacked into people on the subway with it, and the material made what couldve felt like a thinnish bag look puffy, bloated, and uncomfortable.

    Like the Belmont, the Leatherology Zippered Downtown Tote is quite expensive, and it faced more criticism in our initial rounds of testing than the other leather bags. It was ugly to look at, according to testers, and its pebbled material was a mark against it rather than for it.

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    Cheaper Alternatives To Thirty

    There are MANY cheaper alternatives to the Thirty-One Gifts Large Utility Totes.

    In fact, Ive heard that you can get a Mainstays brand tote in the laundry aisle of Walmart for $9.77 that has the features of the deluxe.

    Unfortunately, I dont have a link because its an in-store only item. Check it out if youre in Walmart sometime, though.

    Thankfully, there are also a number of great alternatives at Amazon.com. I have checked all of these listings on Fake Spot to ensure that the reviews are real, not fake.

    Some people might call these totes Thirty-One Utility Tote dupes or knock-offs, but they are just other brands of a similar tote bag concept.

    Cheaper Utility Totes: What Did I Choose

    While I didnt have the money to buy a bag right away, I put the MDM Utility tote on my Christmas list. I got it as a gift and I LOVE it. I think its similar or higher quality than the 31 bags Ive seen.

    I didnt figure out the secrets to being the put-together pool mom, but at least my pretzels wont get crushed!

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    Household Essentials Vs Thirty

    The Household Essential Krush Canvas Utility Tote is similar to the regular Thirty-One Large Utility Tote. Key features:

    • Size: 13 x 12 x 22
    • Material: Canvas with coated vinyl inside
    • Wire on top of bag
    • No reinforced bottom
    • Large canvas carry all bag that collapses for storage when not in use
    • Water-resistant vinyl lining makes for easy clean up Great for groceries, or the beach
    • 2 mid-length handles makes carrying easy
    • Multi-purpose bag Use for groceries, laundry, storage and more
    • 13″H x 22″W x 11″D

    Tote Bags With Zipper

    Diy Zipper Tote Bag Tutorial | Tote Bag With Zipper Sewing Tutorial

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    My Top Eleven Bags From Thirty

    The reason I started working with Thirty-One wasnt because I wanted the money. Or because someone asked me to sign up or because I thought it was something I should pursue. I didnt sign up because I had ANY interest in doing direct sales. I signed up because I was obsessed with the bags.

    I started using Thirty-One throughout our time in Italy. I used the bags to keep our small apartment organized and I especially used them when we traveled. I quickly realized that a Large Utility Tote was indispensable when we traveled. I used one in the back of the van for snacks, drinks, trash bags, and food . I realized that using multiple Zipper Pouches was a more efficient idea than having Ziplocs in my mom bag.

    Aaaaand I was hooked. I hosted a party and got a TON of freebies and my addiction deepened.

    Along the way I started thinking I like this stuff and I want to get a bunch of it for free. And the rest is history. I now have a double hope chest JAMMED FULL of Thirty-One. Its kind of ridiculous. AND I LOVE IT. Jimmy loves it too. He became a convert the minute he realized how much easier this stuff made our lives. We are both massive organization nerds.

    Soooo with that said, I thought Id narrow all of the choices down for you and share the top eleven organizing solutions I use and love daily. These are all my photos because its important to me to show that I own and love this stuff.


    Sophisticated And Structured Tote Bag: Filson Rugged Twill Tote Bag

    A higher-end canvas tote, Filsons Rugged Twill is lightweight, well constructed, and equipped with leather handles and an excellent warranty.

    Buying Options

    What wed use it for:

    If youve been searching for a lightweight, well-constructed tote that will suit any occasion, whether youre working at the office or planning to take your bag along on a romantic lakeside weekend away, grab the more refined Filson Rugged Twill Tote Bag.

    Why its great:

    Although inexpensive canvas totes are great to have for a quick grocery trip, turn to the Filson Rugged Twill Tote Bag when you want the catch-all qualities of a canvas tote and need to look like youve got it all together, too. Its simple but elevated design means that it can come with you to a prix fixe dinner out but also for a day of running errands and doing chores.

    The Filson Rugged Twill Tote Bag is 14 inches wide by 14 inches tall, wider than our other canvas picks. It has four, expansive outer pockets: two large ones on its longer sides and smaller pockets suited to water bottles or umbrellas at its shorter ends. One of its bigger outside pockets also contains a key-clip lanyard. The bags sleek handles, made from bridle leather, give it a touch more sophistication than its competition offers, too. Editor Tim Barribeau described the look as farmers market goth.

    Pockets and organization:

    Flaws but not dealbreakers:

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    Favorite Travel Products From Thirty

    I look forward to road trips. If Im not on one, Im often planning one or dreaming of one. While some people may dread the idea of traveling in a vehicle for hours at a time and long to jump on a plane to reach their destination, I believe part of the experience is the journey to and from your destination.

    Over the years, my husband and I have road tripped to over 40 or the 50 states here in the U.S. and before the year is over, wed like to visit all but Hawaii. Ill have no option but to jump on a plane for that one.

    One would expect that with all my road trip experience, Id be an expert when it comes to packing. Honestly, Im not. Road tripping, as opposed to flying, has spoiled me because normally I can pack whatever I want with little regards to space issues. Instead of learning how to condense my clothing, Ive learned what luggage, totes, and bags I prefer to use when I travel.

    Enter Thirty-One Gifts.

    I was introduced to Thirty-One Gifts, a direct sell marketing company located in my home state of Ohio, at a conference four years ago. Ive even toured their facility in Columbus and attended portions of two of their conferences. I use their products daily and when Im traveling. I guess you could say Im hooked on Thirty-One.

    But why?

    Why Choose Thirty-One Gifts

    A Few of my Favorite Travel Products from Thirty-One Gifts

    Fashion Games Purse

    Glamour Case

    The Large Utility Tote

    The pattern shown is no longer available. View the website for current options.

    Who Should Get A Tote Bag

    31 Tote Bag With Zipper - HandbagsGuide.net (2)

    If I was Sarah Snook on Succession, I would have this bag, said Wirecutter’s Anna Perling during testing. She was contemplating the $250 Leatherology Belmont Structured Tote while referring to the impossibly chic-yet-corporate wardrobe of character Shiv Roy on HBOs satirical comedy-drama about the owners of a global media empire.

    It was an offhand comment about how an accessory can make you feel more deeply yourself, or help you dress up in the armor of someone else. Maybe we arent all Siobhan Shiv Roy on Successionbut maybe, with the right tote bag, we could look like we are.

    Add a tote to your wardrobe if you need a fashionable way to cram all of your supplies into a bag for work, the gym, or the beach and want to be able to grab them easily. Whether you get one tote bag or two, a tote is an accessory that should make you feel prepared, no matter where you are. With the variety of materials and styles available, there may not be a single best tote for everybody, but we did find a range of wonderful ones.

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    How We Picked And Tested

    We put together a list of more than 40 tote bags from manufacturers that were well known and respected and from smaller brands with outstanding editorial and customer reviews , along with a handful of highly rated totes sold on Amazon.

    We looked at totes that were large enough to hold a 12-inch laptop along with a book, a notebook, an umbrella, pens, a USB battery pack, a pair of headphones, and some charging cables. We didnt universally look for total enclosures, laptop slots, or waterproofing, as we did for our guides to laptop totes and purse organizers. We then narrowed our list of bags down to 20 totes based on specifications, aesthetics, materials, and a variety of prices.

    When we received the bags, we spent a few weeks testing the contenders before finally assembling a panel of nine Wirecutter employeesall with different bag uses and situations in mind as well as a variety of aesthetic sensibilitiesto test the final 10 totes and see if we couldnt come to some happy conclusions together. Our testers rated the bags on look, feel, size, weight, usefulness, material, and durability.

    Smooth Unstructured Leather Tote Bag: Leatherology Uptown Vertical Tote

    The simply designed Leatherology Uptown is enveloped in a rich, full-grain leather and has a surprising number of pockets inside.

    Buying Options

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $185.

    What wed use it for:

    The Leatherology Uptown Vertical Tote is an attractive, versatile, and unstructured leather bag whose bohemian elegance makes it easier to dress up than similarly drapey canvas bags.

    Why its great:

    This leather tote is one of a more expensive breed of bag that allows for a sophisticated take on the everyday canvas tote. In many ways its an elevated version of the similarly unstructured Baggu bag. It could come along on a picnic, sure, but we think a simple, sleek tote like the Uptown Vertical Tote will do its best work when youre headed to a spot where you need to impress, such as at a job interview, or if you need to carry a few things to a Valentines Day dinner after work.

    The Uptown Vertical Tote is 14¾ inches wide by 15½ inches tall. It’s the perfect length, said one tester. I could fit my laptop in here without anyone knowing. It has three inner pockets on one side it has two deep, open pockets with a gorgeous leather trim along their top, while on the other side it has a shorter, wider zippered pocket for storing a wallet or keys. Its shoulder straps put it at an ideal height underneath my arms, and other testersof varying heightsliked them, too.

    Pockets and organization:

    Flaws but not dealbreakers:

    Recommended Reading: Light Purple Michael Kors Purse

    The 6 Best Tote Bags To Match Any Style

    Weve tested the updated version of the Cuyana tote we previously recommended, the Classic Easy Tote, and added it as a pick.

    A good tote is for the schlep. One day your tote bag holds your laptop and a couple of books, and the next it holds three bunches of celery and a melon from the farmers market. No matter its size or composition, a tote should be easy to pack and unpack, helpful whether youre heading to a coffee shop or an office, and attractive and versatile enough for you to drag it to dinner afterward. With eight Wirecutter staffers giving opinions on our top 10 bags, we found the six tote bags we loved that covered a variety of looks, carrying needs, and budgets. And best of all: They made great schlepping partners.

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