20+ Gold Wall Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Look Rich and Bright (2023)

The most popular color in the world, gold, is associated with luxury and affluence, making it the perfect decor choice for your posh living space. There are many ways to bring the glitzy hue into your home decor, from wall clocks to table lamps to decorative plates. Here are 21 ideas on how to decorate your house with gold wall decor.


  • 1 Create Wall Accents With Metallic Gold Decor
  • 2 Play With Colors
  • 3 Final Thoughts

Create Wall Accents With Metallic Gold Decor

When decorating your home, it’s vital to resist using too much gold. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. While gold accents can be beautiful, using them excessively can leave you looking like you’re trying too hard. When selecting pieces to accent your walls and other surfaces, try to limit yourself to one or two (max) per room. This will create an effect that looks sophisticated and deliberate rather than gaudy or cheap.

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$220.00 |West Mirrors

When you’re thinking about decorating your house, it can be easy to get caught up in thinking that everything must be new and modern. However, if you take a look at this mid-century modern gold mirror, it may help you realize that there’s nothing wrong with using something old as long as it adds to your home and isn’t an eyesore.

Many people are rediscovering mid-century design because of its minimalist style that focuses on quality over quantity.

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$20.00 | Etsy

This gold butterfly wall decor is made by Homco in the USA. The butterflies are constructed of high-quality galvanized metal, which makes them lightweight and durable. Beyond that, the detail on these decorative butterflies is amazing, down to its genuine wing patterns.

These items can be easily attached to your wall using tacks or nails; some buyers use double-sided tape instead for easy removal after some time.

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$95.99 | Wayfair

Gold leaves wall décor instantly transforms any room into an opulent retreat that evokes feelings of luxury and extravagance. This gorgeous wall decor is handcrafted from polished iron and hand-painted with gold for a luxurious finish that will complement any decor.

Hanging these art pieces is as easy as applying velcro strips to their back, so you can switch out your décor seasonally or according to your mood!

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$45.95 | Design Toscano


The Ancient Egyptians are known for their bold fashion statements. Their fashion often reflected their personality, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t pull out all of their best looks at any given time. So if you want to make your home decor reflect both your good taste and your root culture (maybe), why not choose this Egyptian Snake Wall Decor Sculpture? The detailing alone is enough to have people staring in wonderment for hours.

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$161.49 | Hayneedle

This metal wall decor is made of gold flower-shaped, durable and sturdy. It is ideal for home decoration and can be hung on a wall or held up with nails or hooks. Great gift idea for housewarming or to give your friends holiday/birthday presents, adding beauty and elegance to any room in your home!

Surely, this gold metal wall decor will be an impressive focal point in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, family room, or dining room.

Tip: If you decorate your house only with items you love, you’ll never feel burdened by them. Choose pieces that are uncomplicated and elegant. Pay attention to scale and balance, too. Large pieces should be balanced by smaller ones, and symmetrical artworks should be paired with asymmetrical ones.

Last but not least, always include one piece of wall art—even if it’s only temporary! A photo or painting can instantly change your mood for better or worse; choose one that makes you smile every time you walk into your room.

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$289.99 | Wayfair

Mirrors have many purposes in our homes, but one of my favorites is to add just a bit more shine and glamour. No matter what you want to decorate or fill your walls with, your space will benefit from an abundance of mirrors. A solid gold mirror will be sure to turn heads. It can also bring light into dark spaces like hallways, closets, and bathrooms.

Not to mention, with its alluring yet powerful starbust shape, the mirror provides a positive magnetic field to any space. So it is a reliable suggestion for your living room.

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$187.00 | Bed Bath & Beyond

Purchase pre-made bathroom wall decor (such as metal prints) that’s framed in gold. If you want to go for custom-framed bathroom wall art, hire an artist or frame shop to make something unique. If you don’t like framing, purchase unframed metal prints (usually made of aluminum) and arrange them yourself—you can put up one large piece or several smaller ones, depending on how much room you have.

Don’t forget to adorn your bathroom’s wall. It’s not onlywhere youwash off the dirt from your body every day, but it’s also a place to relax and unwind with basic but exquisite art.

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$100.00 | Going Decor

This gold metal circle wall decor measures 23.62 inches across and is perfect for someone who likes minimal décor. The gold circles have a shiny metallic finish that looks just like real gold! You can hang it in your living room, dining room, bedroom, or even your bathroom. It’s a piece of wall art that adds pizzazz to any space while also acting as a functional mirror.

The price is fantastic too! This decorative mirror has got everything you need at an excellent price point. Perfect for adding some glamour to an average room!

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$56.19 | Walmart

Gold leaf wall decor has been around for many years and is used mostly in luxury homes. This kind of art brings an elegant touch to any room and decorates it without overwhelming it. What’s more, it works well as either a single large piece or as small accents throughout your walls.

If you’re trying to decide if this decor type is right for you, choose the ones that you’re interested in most and look through the whole scene of your interior home. That’s how experts handle the situation.

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$199.00 | Top Modern

If you want to cover your walls with feathers, opt for 3D gold ones. They’re stylish and luxurious, but also tasteful. They also look exquisite when hung up alone or grouped together in large numbers. Moreover, they really pop when placed against solid color backgrounds like red or black. So, hang one above your bed or use them to decorate an accent wall in your living room.

It’s even possible to craft an entire feature wall using nothing but 3D gold feathers (although it’s quite an undertaking).

Tip: When decorating your space, keep things versatile. Most people tend to overdo it when decorating because they want to make their place look absolutely stunning. Although you can do that, try not to go overboard too much.

Make sure that your spaces are versatile enough to host any guest at any time. This doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of all of your home décor items; you just need to choose ones that are versatile so you don’t have trouble whenever someone comes over unexpectedly.

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$63.99 | Etsy

When it comes to home decorations, less is more but not when it comes to birds! Sculptures are always in trend so if you don’t have any space for painting or wall hangings, get yourself one of these large bird sculptures instead.

These sculptures are made out of resin so they are lightweight and won’t damage your walls. They are quite classy if placed in an empty corner near your dining table.

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$75.64 | Ballard Designs

You can’t go wrong with geometric shapes for wall decor. This accessory will be an instant focal point in any room. Its unique shape catches your eye while also adding an interesting touch to your home décor. For that reason, make sure to hang it next to bold colors like red or fuchsia for an extra pop of color that will make you want to stare at it for hours!

Furthermore, be sure that you hang it close enough that you can appreciate all its details, but far enough so it doesn’t overpower other elements in your home.

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$28.00 | Anthropologie

(Video) 16 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

This antique-inspired wall decor hook rack is simply gorgeous. At first glance, it might appear as though it’s made from real gold—but upon closer inspection, you’ll see that it’s actually brass to resemble shimmering gold metal. The same company also makes other gold options with peacock and beehive shapes.

Although Anthro never includes screws or nails, or other hardware in their products, these are great for a vintage or traditional look.

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$195 | west elm

This type of wall hanging is not only ideal for homes and offices, but they also look excellent when placed in hotels and restaurants. The item can be gifted to people who love arts and crafts or people who appreciate natural things.

Another interesting fact about these metal wall hangings is that they are so easy to clean. You don’t even need any special cleaner or detergent to wipe them off or wash them down. Also, the brass material used in creating these art pieces ensures their longevity for years to come without any tarnishing effect.

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$114.99 | Wayfair

Plates are a great way to add some variety and interest to your gold metal wall decor. You can simply paint them gold, or you can use them in combination with other items for more visual interest.

If you hang several smaller plates together, make sure they’re joined by long screws or hooks so that they appear to be one solid piece of wall art. For extra-large spaces, use larger plates instead. Hanging just one large plate will give your home decor a unique focal point without being too overwhelming.

Play With Colors

When you choose gold wall decor to deck out your home, you’re choosing an item that can transform any room of your house. Choose wisely when you go shopping for gold wall decor—not every item will look good in every room. For example, bright and bold colors such as red don’t mix well with gold directly. So, steer clear of those combinations when shopping for items to display in your living room or dining room.

Here are some primary colors combined with gold to make your decor unique and match your own style.

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Abstract rose gold metal wall art adds an elegant touch to your home or office décor. The wall decor combines an intriguing black and pink effect that serves as a stylish base for a golden scroll print.

Hang it in your entryway, dining room, living room, or bedroom—this unique artwork is sure to turn heads! It is available in several sizes so you can easily find one that matches your décor. Even better, it comes ready to hang right out of the box so you don’t have to wait for professional installation.

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$67.15 | Ballard Designs

(Video) 20+ Ways To Make Your Home Look EXPENSIVE for UNDER $20!

If you want to go high-end without spending too much, then gold roses in glass cages is a unique wall hanging that will do just that. They’re both elegant and eye-catching without being too flashy.

The best part? Even if you don’t have much space to spare, these beauties are small enough to fit perfectly over a desk or corner table!

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$99.99 | homary

I’m not usually a big fan of modern art, but there is something about modern white & gold wall art that I absolutely love! What can I say? There’s just something about white and gold that looks really great together – especially when it comes to wall decor!

In fact, modern art of any kind looks perfect against a white or beige wall – plus, it makes your room look more spacious.

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$64.95 | Target

When you think of gold wall decor, sunbursts may not be what comes to mind; however, these sunburst wall art pieces in gold and silver are an awesome way to add both metallic and color tones into your home.

If you like oversized shapes in your décor, then these large-scale modern works of art will fill in any white space and set off any color palette.

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$129.98 | Wayfair

This beautiful canvas will add character to any space while adding an artistic vibe. Painted in oil-based paint and mounted on a wooden stretcher, it is ready to hang and be admired by all who see it. Whether you want to add some color and art or complement your other decorations, we’re sure you’ll love having it around.

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$49.95 | Carol Robinson

The nautical style wall art will add flair to any room in your home. The bold navy blue and gold combination of this large handcrafted wooden frame canvas art is striking and can be used as an accent piece or can be easily coordinated with other nautical themed décor. It would look great in the living room or bedroom!

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading about our 21 ideas for decorating your house with gold wall decor. If you’re interested in adding some depth to your home, then take your time to look through all of these decoration ideas before deciding which one will work best for you.

Whether you’re looking for advice on how to best paint an accent wall or just want to find out more about how metal wall art works, we hope that these ideas can help you make an informed decision.

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How do you add gold accents to living room? ›

Try swapping out your curtains, linens, area rugs, pillows and other fabrics throughout your home with ones that have hints/accents of gold colors. Or switch one neutral- colored wall to an accent wall of glimmering gold paint.

How can I decorate my home like a rich person? ›

In order to decorate like a Millionaire and get a more luxury look, opt for sculptural furniture and accessories that look like they belong in a pricey art gallery. Organic curves, geometric shapes and natural materials like glass, stone and metal all contribute to that sculptural feel.

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The rooms buyers most closely inspect (and judge) in a house are the kitchen and master bath. These are the interior spaces where the most value can be added during a sale, so they need to look their best.

What color best compliments gold? ›

The trick is to pair metallic gold with warm, deep-tone neutrals, such as charcoal or slate gray, chocolate brown, rich olive green, and dark tan or beige. White works, too, but be sure to choose a warmer shade so the contrast doesn't appear too cool when paired with gold.

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You'll see lots of curved chairs, sofas with gently sloping arms, and round poufs in velvet, linen, and nubby boucle fabrics. In addition to natural wood tones and vintage pieces, we'll also see a return of black accent pieces. Marble furniture and accents will also be popular in 2022.

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  6. Metallic finishes always looks good.

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Golden hues in interiors are hotter than hot

If you want to add glam to your bedroom, try adding golden metallic wallpaper that has a slight sheen behind your bed as an eye-catching accent wall. Gold-tone furniture and lighting are finding a new place in modern home interiors.

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  5. Choose period lights for grandeur. ...
  6. Decorate your home with antique accessories.

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  6. Incorporate Complementary Décor. ...
  7. Think Small With High-End Finishes. ...
  8. Get Creative With DIY Projects.
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What makes a house more appealing? ›

Up Your Curb Appeal

Removing clutter from the homes exterior, touching up paint, adding plants and improving the landscape – all of these things should be a priority. These are all great improvements to increase a homes value.

What makes houses look homely? ›

No matter what colour the walls, opting for furniture and soft furnishings in a soft palette of biscuit, stone and grey will instantly make the room feel relaxed and homely. Add extra blankets and cushions for a bonus touch (and a cup of tea for good measure!)

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Changes in the real estate market can lower the value of your home. Natural disasters and climate change can lower your property value because the property is a greater risk to purchase. Foreclosures in your neighborhood can also drive down property value.

What things bring down the value of a house? ›

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  • Bad neighbors.
  • Address suffix.
  • Increasing mortgage rates.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Neighborhood foreclosures and short sales.
  • Lack of curb appeal.
  • Poor maintenance.
  • Too much carpet.
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What are the two most important rooms in a house? ›

The kitchen and the master bathroom. Buyers tend to show more interest in these rooms than any other in a home.

What Colour curtains go with gold walls? ›

Since yellow-gold walls have rich, warm undertones, curtains in other warm shades are analogous. Pair your gold walls with curtains in a dark red shade, such as brick, cranberry or wine to make the room feel cozy and inviting. If you prefer orange tones, rust or terra cotta curtains can also complement gold walls.

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Pantone revealed in December that Very Peri, a blue-purple hue, is its color of 2022. The shade is described as a “warm and friendly blue hue with a carefree confidence and joyful attitude.” Very Peri is just one shade of blue Pantone predicts will be big in 2022.

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Pantone's 2022 Color of the Year is making history with its best reveal yet: an entirely new hue created, for the first time ever, to serve as Color of the Year. They call it Very Peri (17-3938).

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If you're searching for colors that make a room look bigger, look for light colors, like off-white, dusty blue, light gray, and sage green.

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Always wear clean clothes, freshly pressed, with no threads, rips, stains, or fading. Black, white, and navy are always elegant colors that can make you look more expensive. Match your outfit with some assorted accessories, such as a couple of bracelets and a pair of sunglasses, for that extra visual effect.

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  6. Encourage two way critiques. ...
  7. Offer incentives & pre-paids. ...
  8. Stage the home & use curb appeal.

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  1. Find free stuff. Always be on the hunt for free stuff! ...
  2. Use free printables. ...
  3. Free pallets are your best friend. ...
  4. Use up your scrap wood. ...
  5. Upcycle trash. ...
  6. Look in nature. ...
  7. Declutter and get rid of stuff. ...
  8. Rearrange your furniture.

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Three key elements ensure this is rich-mom approved: chunky jewelry, a bright print, and a structured handbag. Throwing a sweater over your shoulders is a key styling trick you can easily apply to any outfit to give it rich-mom energy.

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He pinpointed how the rich have a whole different way of thinking than you and me and how, for them, money has a whole different value.
The rest is left to their creativity.
  • 6 Bowling Alley.
  • 7 Rooftop Helicopter Pad. ...
  • 8 Restaurant. ...
  • 9 Car Elevator. ...
  • 10 Imax Home Theatre. ...
  • 11 Indoor/Outdoor Pool. ...
  • 12 Wine Cellar. ...
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What do rich people call a living room? ›

A drawing room is a room in a house where visitors may be entertained, and an alternative name for a living room. The name is derived from the 16th-century terms withdrawing room and withdrawing chamber, which remained in use through the 17th century, and made their first written appearance in 1642.


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