11 Best Carpet Brands (Made in USA) for Homes in 2023 (2023)

Written By Glenn Prescot

In this article we have researched and found some of the top Carpet Brands made in USA that offer quality and value-for-money carpet and flooring products.

11 Best Carpet Brands (Made in USA) for Homes in 2023 (1)

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The non-profit Economic History Association encyclopedia offers a wealth of information to readers eager to go beyond the surface of the U.S. Carpet industry.

For example, few industries are as geographically concentrated, notes historian Paul Krugman.

Today, carpet mills located within a 65-mile radius of Dalton, Georgia produce about 85-percent of all carpet sold in the U.S.

Further, the U.S. produces around 45-percent of the world’s floor coverings, so why would anyone need to go abroad?

Let’s discuss these excellent USA carpet manufacturing brands below:

Note that the list below is in no particular order.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Mohawk Residential Carpet
  • 2. Phenix Carpets
  • 3. Dream Weaver
  • 4. Shaw Flooring
  • 5. Southwind Building Products
  • 6. Marquis Industries
  • 7. Lowe’s Stainmaster
  • 8. Stanton Carpet
  • 9. Fabrica
  • 10. Anderson Tuftex
  • 11. Dixie Home

1. Mohawk Residential Carpet

11 Best Carpet Brands (Made in USA) for Homes in 2023 (2)

This industry giant has been around since 1878. Having roots in traditional hand-crafted looming and finishing, Mohawk adopted new technology as it became available, and the brand remains at the top of the industry’s largest manufacturers because it adheres to contemporary innovations that customers appreciate.

Mohawk invests in environmentally responsible practices, sources renewable raw materials and makes eco-friendly products at their state-of-the-art factories.

Streamlined delivery systems and a network of loyal retailers keep Mohawk at the forefront of innovation, which is why the company expanded its product lines to include vinyl and wood.

Included within the Mohawk family of brands are American Olean, Pergo, Daltile, Quick Step, Unilin, Marazzi, Karastan, and Mohawk Armormax. Mohawk offers more than 30 categories of flooring products, so homeowner options are limitless.

2. Phenix Carpets

11 Best Carpet Brands (Made in USA) for Homes in 2023 (3)

This Georgia-based carpet manufacturer may not be as well-known as Mohawk but for those eager to patronize small enterprises, a Phenix residential carpet may be exactly the product commercial and residential shoppers seek.

This comparatively small business has only been operating since 2006, but the company’s mission statement promises quality and variety.

Using innovative technology, Phenix’s claim to fame include premium P.E.T. and nylon floor coverings that meet and exceed industry standards.

Phenix prides itself on being both a pioneer and innovator in the realm of solution-dyed carpet.

Further the company’s impressive warranties are reassuring to customers who won’t buy if they have no recourse just in case product they’ve chosen doesn’t meet their standards.

Offering style, value, quality, durability, and superior customer service, this small but mighty manufacturer sells to retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

3. Dream Weaver

11 Best Carpet Brands (Made in USA) for Homes in 2023 (4)

You’ll notice a difference in mission if you visit the Dream Weaver website in search of floor coverings: This company refers to itself as the quintessential specialist in Engineered Floors and the brand takes pride in calling itself “a leading industry disrupter” since the day they opened their doors in 2009.

Rather than just a hard sell, Dream Weaver wants the world to know that their products contribute to a Healthy Home™ because of the company’s proprietary PureColor® solution-dyed fiber method.

Located in the heart of carpet industry country and at the center of the tufted-carpet movement, Dream Weaver’s headquarters are in North Georgia and close enough to the Tennessee state line to give both states bragging rights.

Serving residential customers, architects and builders, shoppers have plenty of choices within the company’s growing library of hard and soft floor covering products.

4. Shaw Flooring

11 Best Carpet Brands (Made in USA) for Homes in 2023 (5)

Shaw Flooring has been around since 1946 and the selection of floor coverings within the company library is extensive, covering a wide range of price points, designs and materials.

Read the fine print and you’ll discover that this company is a Berkshire Hathaway brand, the conglomerate headed by Warren Buffett.

Catering to both residential and commercial trades, shoppers choose from huge collections of products that fall into the carpet, laminate, hardwood, vinyl, tile, and stone categories, so if shoppers can’t find what works for them, it may not exist.

What makes this company unique? An online word-of-mouth program called Share it Forward makes sure that when shoppers read reviews about Shaw product lines, this feedback comes from actual patrons, thus review readers feel confident that comments are honest, authentic, trustworthy, and transparent.

The company website offers helpful tips on design, color, and cleaning tips for pet parents. Visit the Customer Gallery at https://shawfloors.com/customer-gallery to learn more.

5. Southwind Building Products

11 Best Carpet Brands (Made in USA) for Homes in 2023 (6)

Headquartered in the heart of carpet manufacturing county, Dalton, Georgia, Southwind was originally named Cherokee Carpet Industries in 1994.

Specializing in high-quality, affordable broadloom carpet from its inception, Cherokee acquired the Southwind Carpet brand in 1997.

This merger — under the Southwind name — expanded direct-to-retail sales. Southwind’s Hard Surface division was launched in 2015 and includes a wide variety of LVP, WPC, and SPC flooring products.

Based in Franklin, Tennessee, this dynamic company’s most recent expansion took place when F9 Brands Inc. acquired the business in May 2021, placing it under the Southwind Building Products umbrella.

Why this much expansion? Southwind is eager to serve all aspects of the building, home improvement, DIY, and home décor markets so customers needn’t go elsewhere for their floor covering needs.

That stated, the sign at the front of corporate headquarters still reads “carpet mill,” an ideal pairing of old and new.

6. Marquis Industries

Marquis Industries was launched in 1997. Its goal, to become a reliable, national carpet manufacturer and a hard surface flooring resource has exceeded expectations.

Flooring retailers rely upon this North Georgia-based company for value, style, innovation and excellent customer service.

In terms of technology, Marquis operates one of the newest, most efficient integrated carpet mills in the U.S., overseeing all aspects of production that range from yarn extrusion to looming and finishing.

To keep up with product demand, Marquis operates four wholly owned facilities spread across three counties in North Georgia.

The largest is a sprawling 600,000-square-foot factory. Best-selling product lines include polyester residential cut pile carpet in myriad styles and colors plus residential nylon collections.

As a major supplier of hard surface products, Marquis is widely known for its waterproof engineered flooring, vinyl, and wood products, but it’s the company’s service quality and dependability that the company’s dealer network prizes most.

7. Lowe’s Stainmaster

11 Best Carpet Brands (Made in USA) for Homes in 2023 (7)

When national home improvement retailer Lowe’s opened its Burlington, Vermont facility in 2018, the company celebrated the establishment of Lowe’s Stainmaster carpet outlets in all 50 U.S. states.

Consumers flock to Lowe’s for hardware, building, decorating, and gardening essentials, but when it officially became an authorized Stainmaster residential dealer in 2019, it transformed the floor covering buying experience for consumers who prefer one-stop-shopping.

This proprietary line of Stainmaster floor coverings covers all grades. Lowe’s sells a selection of good, better, and best lines, including specialty floor coverings like Stainmaster PetProtect, Stainmaster Signature and Stainmaster Essentials collections.

Would it surprise you to learn that Lowe’s Stainmaster products are manufactured by other companies? Major mills, including Dixie, Mohawk, Phenix and Shaw, all produce Lowe’s Stainmaster carpet!

8. Stanton Carpet

11 Best Carpet Brands (Made in USA) for Homes in 2023 (8)

Floor coverings manufactured by Stanton originate in a familiar region: Calhoun, Georgia.

Corporate headquarters, first established in 1980 by entrepreneur Sy Cohen, are distinctly known for style, value, and quality.

Over time, Stanton’s reputation has been built around decorative high-quality carpet and custom rugs.

From residential and commercial carpet to in-stock rugs and luxury vinyl plank, Stanton prides itself on careful trend tracking so new designs satisfy customer demands.

Having grown so quickly, it could surprise you to learn that Stanton has launched or acquired multiple brands that dominate the decorative flooring market.

Included in the company’s library are: Antrim, Rosecore, Cavan, Crescent and Hibernia. What’s unique about Stanton? Customers can visit the company website and use prompts to “create” a unique carpet from scratch.

9. Fabrica

11 Best Carpet Brands (Made in USA) for Homes in 2023 (9)

Fabrica is a great resource for more than an easy cyberspace shopping experience; it’s the destination you visit to find products known for their timeless beauty, superior materials and “Quality Without Compromise.”

All Fabrica’s products carry the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus certification for Indoor Air Quality, a highly respected independent testing program.

Headquartered in Southern California since 1974, Fabrica’s state of the art research and development facilities consistently roll out innovative, diversified products in colors you may not find elsewhere.

Home to broadloom and hand-tufted designs, Fabrica stocks custom area rugs, too.

Awarded the highest recognition for quality by the American Flooring Association, this premier mill also sells fine wood flooring for those who love the brand but don’t love carpet.

10. Anderson Tuftex

11 Best Carpet Brands (Made in USA) for Homes in 2023 (10)

What sets Anderson Tuftex apart from the crowd? The company’s mission statement. It stresses heritage, legacy, timelessness, refinement, and natural beauty.

The company custom-dyes its own yarns and specializes in hand-scraped wood grain, material that’s at the heart of the brand’s hardwood floors. In both cases, customers are promised beauty that won’t fade over time.

Anderson produces COREtec, advanced scratch-resistant flooring, curated carpet products categorized within the signature Maker Collection, a Pet Perfect line, Classic hardwood floors and rug squares that adhere to floors so easily, they can be replaced on a whim.

Anderson calls this line Floorigami but shoppers looking for quirkier, affordable floor covering options call these squares the wave of the future.

11. Dixie Home

11 Best Carpet Brands (Made in USA) for Homes in 2023 (11)

Dixie Home has delighted independent retailers, builders and floor covering distributors since 2003, focusing on stylishly designed tufted broadloom carpets that don’t cost shoppers with more imagination than money a fortune.

Although categorized in the moderately-priced carpet market, premium branded yarns are always employed.

Because this company is small, Dixie prides itself on its flexibility to respond quickly to new trends, patterns, and colors.

Dixie Home’s luxury vinyl flooring products give shoppers myriad choices brand fans appreciate and the company’s limited and replacement warranties are very popular with consumers.

This company boasts a design strategy that’s easy to sum up: Expect fresh, easy-care designs that perfectly suit the lifestyles of active folks. Sound like exactly what you’ve been looking for? Dixie Home probably belongs on your short list.

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